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The Policy Research On The Regulation Of The Selection And Appointment Of Party And Government Leading Cadres In 2014

Posted on:2017-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485486370Subject:Public Administration
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Sima Qian in the "historical records" said "official selection, Don’t hurry blindly.With a gentleman is a gentleman to; with a villain, the villain competing to carry on." The reform of the cadre team is the guide and trader, "with a sage is wise people to emulate it has become common practice." In the deepening reform of the overall journey opened on the occasion, timely revision of the rules of selecting and appointing cadres, is the task of reforming the effective implementation of the important guarantee is central to highlight the strong reform determination. The importance of the selection and appointment of the great cause of deepening the reform of the great cause.This thesis is composed of eight current situation at home and abroad, research ideas and methods, and a brief analysis of the innovation and shortcomings of this thesis.The first chapter of 2014 the newly revised "party and government leading cadre selection and appointment of the regulations on the work of(hereinafter referred to as the new" Regulations ") policy description, gives a brief review of the development since the founding of our party and government leading cadres selection and appointment policy, 2002 and 2014 the cadres selection and appointment of regulations on the work of the comparison, a conclusion is drawn that the 2014 the newly revised"Regulations "is the embodiment of the representative, scientific and effective. The second chapter established the analysis model of the new "Regulations", the main component of the group theory model, system model and asymptotic theory model of three kinds of analysis model, and focuses on the analysis model between the internal logical relationship. Chapter three focus on the use of group theory model of the new"Regulations" are representative of policy analysis, including representative policy definition and representation of specific indicators, in the analysis of the new"Regulations" for horizontal and vertical comparative analysis, that the new"Regulations" has extensive generation table of the conclusion. In the fourth chapter, the author uses the system theory model for science policy analysis of the new"Regulations". Firstly, the paper introduces the definition of science policy and science of specific indicators, analysis of the new "Regulations" on the scientific, modified the new "Regulations" conforms to the trend of historical development, positioning is very accurate, adhere to the problem oriented changes, that the new "Regulations" to reflectthe scientific conclusion. The fifth chapter using progressive theory model of the effectiveness of policy analysis of the new "Regulations", policies that define the effectiveness and related indicators are described, key from the new "Regulations" pay attention to procedural norms, attach importance to practice and strengthen accountability and other three aspects of the analysis, that the new "Regulations" with the validity of the conclusions. The seventh chapter puts forward policy suggestions, in order to ensure the new truly implemented, it is recommended to deal with various localities and departments the implementation to strengthen supervision and inspection,also in order to better play the role of the new "Regulations", should further improve the work of selecting and appointing cadres to move, democratic recommend, investigate,to discuss and decide on, serving five segments of the relevant procedures. The seventh chapter is the conclusion and suggestion. Cadre selection and appointment system reform is a major practical significance of the theory research, is a very technical problem in practice. The main conclusions of this chapter on the basis of the internal logic of the order of the full text are summarized, and put forward a series of policy improve recommendations to the system according to the research results.
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