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The Research Of Professional Ethics Of The Bottom Leading Cadres

Posted on:2015-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428480971Subject:Public Management
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Professional ethics is one of the leading cadres of the socialist work ethic, but unlike ordinary professional ethics, directly related to the party and the government’s prestige and image, has a strong impact on the whole society, demonstrations, and leading role. It is based on general social ethics, social ethics, and higher than normal, leading cadres in politics criterion, but also the people of the basic requirements of cadres, leading cadres to strengthen professional ethics, and moral construction of the entire society has an important impetus, but also for close ties with the masses, honest government, improve the social atmosphere and enhance the image of the party and the government has laid a solid foundation. This paper is divided into five chapters:The first chapter introduces the grassroots cadres ethical research background and significance of current research ethics of this issue, as well as ideas and research methods of the article;The second chapter reviews the concepts and theories and grassroots cadres of professional ethics-related;The third chapter analyzes the current situation of China’s grassroots cadres of professional ethics, analyzes the grassroots cadres career Immoralities and find the reasons for this occupation Immoralities generated;The fourth chapter of the successful experiences of some developed countries in the leading cadres of professional ethics are analyzed, and combined with the concrete realities of China’s important to get inspiration from their successful experiences;Chapter V on the basis of the previous research, innovation and professional ethics education from learning mechanism, improve supervision and accountability mechanisms, improve the selection and appointment of leading cadres at the grassroots level mechanism to accelerate the construction of legal ethics and other aspects of grassroots cadres to strengthen professional ethics proposed suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:The bottom leading cadres, Professional ethics, the grassroots cadrescareer Immoralities, Build
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