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Research On City Harmonious Community Construction

Posted on:2014-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the new period, building harmonious society is a new goal of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the people of all ethnic groups, the18th CPC National Congress emphasized social harmony is the essential nature of our society again. The Community, what is the microstructure of the society, is an important breakthrough in the construction of harmonious society.Based on summarizing typical construction mode of Chinese city harmonious community, this paper, comprehensively and deeply, analysis the reason of the problem that exist in the construction of city harmonious community.18th CPC National Congress’s spirit as the guide, this paper redefines the main body who are constructer of city harmonious community and the relationship between them, combined with the principle of the construction of democracy and the rule of law, people-oriented, for the perspective of social construction, putting forward several ways for city harmonious community construction as fallowing:improving community self-government, straighten out the relationship between the main body of community construction, promoting community interaction, innovation and perfection of community management mode. At the same time, this paper construct the evaluation mechanism and evaluation system of city harmonious community construction, ensuring the sustained promoting of city harmonious community construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:city harmonious community, construction mode, Realization path, evaluationmechanism
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