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Policy Adjustments In Changzhutan Integration Process

Posted on:2015-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428966685Subject:Public Management
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According to the reality of development China,"eleven five" planning first emphasized economic development zone, and highlights the importance of regional planning. And Chinese nearly thirty years of economic spatial pattern transformation, resulting in the local government led economic model is not suitable to China’s rapid economic development, China homeopathy into the regional economic development, regional economic integration will be to promote a new round of reform and opening up Chinese pillars of strength of. Changzhutan integration in the operation of many innovations, some progress has been made in practice, but there is a large gap between the present and the expectations of the society. Influence and restrict the integration of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan City Cluster and the regional development is the most important policy factors, therefore, has the important theory and the practical significance of policy adjustment of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan integration process.Policy adjustment the Changzhutan integration process as the research object, on the basis of the domestic and foreign research results, using the ideas and methods of interdisciplinary research, empirical analysis and normative analysis method, systematic thinking on the policy adjustment and the reform and innovation of regional integration development group of the city, in order to benefit to practice the regional city group "two type society construction and reform". This paper firstly introduces the general theory of policy in Changzhutan integration process adjustment; then carries on the appraisal to the current policy in Changzhutan integration process; finally in the assessment of current policy on the lack of the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.The innovation points of this paper is a comprehensive, profound analysis of the regional city group policy adjustment needs, with innovative design in city group management framework, which is in the integration of the research based on the reform of system and mechanism between the city, in the reform and evolution path is operational, the innovative system environment design and the reference model can be applied to city group regional administrative coordination mechanism reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Changzhutan integration, policy evaluation, policy adjustment
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