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Public Service Provision In The Positive Interaction Relationship Between Our Government And The NGO

Posted on:2015-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428971467Subject:Administrative Management
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In modern society, the trend of reforming "limited government" and "small government" is clearly. The functions of government are sharply restricted, so is their exercise. However, the demand of public service is rapidly expanding, and is becomes higher and higher. In this case, the government is facing the dual pressures. In order to improve its functions and meet the service needs of the public maximally, the government is more inclined to cooperate with other departments. At the same time, the NGO, which are of the characteristics of the public, voluntary, non-profit, grassroots and so on, become the ideal interactive object for government in the public service field and they are fully developed with the reform of government, social management and the steadily promoted innovation work. At present, the collaboration between government and NGO is increasing, and the government purchase is one of its typical representatives. Not only does the government acknowledge the existence and the action of NGO increasingly, but it also brings the growing number of NGO into its working mechanism. NGO play an irreplaceable role and gain more support resources in this process. However, it is undeniable that although there is a great progress in method, field and level of the cooperation between the government and NGO, there is a long way to go to from a real positive interaction.Under the above background, this paper begins from the study on the relationship between the government and the NGO in public services theoretically and practically. Then the paper points out that only do the government and NGO achieve the positive interaction, can the efficiency of public services be improved effectively and the public interest be promoted maximally. With the analysis of the status quo of China’s government and NGO interaction in the supply of public service, this paper points out that the interaction between the government and the NGO shows the NGO cling to the government. Besides, the paper traces to the cause of the problems fully. Thirdly, the paper analyzes the experiences and lessens of our government and NGO with comparing with the interaction between British government and NGO as well as that between America forth the method of achieving positive cooperation between our government and NGO. That is, on the one hand, the government should take its advantages and set up the interactive platform actively. On the other hand, NGO should build up themselves and respond to the government measures actively. Hopefully, the paper will be benefit for realizing the positive interaction between the government and NGO in public service.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply of public services, Benign interaction, Service-oriented government
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