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Local Service-oriented Government Construction Supply Research, Public Service Of The Peasants

Posted on:2012-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330335971608Subject:Administrative Management
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Gradually, landless farmers'existence and development become the focus of attention because of the development of industrialization an urbanization. After the farmers lost their land, they have corresponding supply of public services. They become a no land, no position, no social security, which bring a great impact on social stability. Therefore, how to provide enough for the landless peasants of public services have become all levels of government who can not shirk its responsibility. In order to implement the spirit of the party's congress, local governments have to promote service-oriented construction. The service-oriented government's objective will transfer their function to provide public services for the community equally. Landless farmer's public services have become obstacle of local government to achieve the goal of building service-oriented government. Therefore, local governments must make the landless peasants Public Service as a service oriented government priority. Since the 1980s, local governments continue to explore public service model for landless peasants. It has made remarkable achievements in the eastern region. But overall, it still have less than the total supply of public services, inefficient, local government public service provision in the offside, vacancy, and the role is not clear and so on. Therefore, the article will explore the reality of the path to address these issues from the perspective of building service-oriented in order to protect the peasants of the basic survival and development, and in order to speed up the process of building local service-oriented government.Full-text research is divided into five parts:Part 1, introduction. Article topics at home and abroad for the reason described current research and analysis Shows the reality of the background questions, and summarize previous research gaps, as the article from the perspective of local service-oriented government supply of public services peasants lay academic foundation. Help topics of practical significance; define the relevant concepts, the article clearly study; and simple introduction to research ideas and methods, pointed out the significance of the research paper and the existing shortcomings.Part2, theory. The construction of service-oriented government of the general theory, expounded in this theory where the main building service-oriented government, and noted the building of local service-oriented government and the peasants content contained link between the supply of public services.Part3, status analysis. First of all levels from the local government in which the special status and perspective of the peasants as peasants local governments need to provide public services. Second, local governments in China in the presence of landless peasants, such as supply of the total supply shortage exists in the absence of supply and offside, unclear roles in the supply, inefficient supply a thorough analysis of such issues.Part4, the reason analysis. Previously described for the analysis of the issues, and explore the root of the problem lies in the existence of the concept of local government there is backward asymmetry of responsibility and authority, the service system is not perfect, lack of coordination, misconduct and other issues, and landless peasants own problems, which propose a solution for the following basis.Part5 suggestions. The reason for the above analysis to explore the local service-oriented government to implement the process of building the supply of landless peasants realistic path to public service, including:changes in the concept of local government administration; the establishment of public service financial institutions; improved public service system; improve local government Horizontal coordination mechanisms; regulate local government land acquisition aspects of behavior and landless peasants have their own efforts.
Keywords/Search Tags:local service-oriented government, Supply of public services, landless famers, Public service functions
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