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The System Of Hook Of Urban Construction Land Increase And Rural Residential Land Decrease

Posted on:2015-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428999544Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Land development is a kind of property rights of common law countries, then the civillaw countries are starting to borrow, introducing the land right to development as a legalsystem. The system of Land development right helps to solve equity between theurbanization in the urban construction land demand and land protection in farmland,historical monuments, ecological environment, etc, can also play a significant role in theprocess of national land use management. Domestic scholars on the study of landdevelopment right to have a fairly substantial, mainly concentrated in the connotation ofland development right, property and the subject of right, etc. With economic development,urbanization accelerates, our current land use conflicts, especially the contradictionbetween the construction land demand and farmland protection become increasinglyserious, the national pilot implementation of system of hook of urban construction landincrease and rural residential land decrease, has obtained certain achievement. But thesystem exist subject of right issues, interests turnover index unreasonable distribution andother issues, leading to the process of implementation, the farmers "was upstairs" and thegovernment sales land in disguised forms, malignant events continuously throughout thecountry, and even some farmers resisting triggered serious social conflicts andcontradictions. Through the analysis of the extraterritorial land development right,combined with the domestic scholars on the study of land development right, analysis ofthree main problems of our country hook of urban construction land increase and ruralresidential land decrease: the right subject, the turnover index transaction and price, theturnover index income distribution mechanism, and made recommendations to address thisissues in terms of protection of property rights, proprietary nature of the land developmentright, market mechanism and legal norms. Legal from adopted in the hope of our landresources to ease the conflict between economic development and farmland protection, improve the system of hook of urban construction land increase and rural residential landdecrease, so as to realize the purpose of protection to cultivated land and farmers’ interests,and effectively promote the construction of modernization, realizing harmonious healthyand orderly development of urban and rural economy...
Keywords/Search Tags:Land Development Right, Hook of Urban Construction Land Increaseand Rural Residential Land Decrease, Turnover Index, Index Trading
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