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The Construction Land Index Trading System Research

Posted on:2015-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467968156Subject:Economic Law
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Urban and rural construction land quota trading system is reform of our traditional indicatorsof market-oriented management system, is a private law change to public law system innovation.It respects and to undertake the traditional construction land management system for total controlof land for construction of macro control function, but also an innovative way to give propertycharacteristics indicators transactions, through the combination of government regulation andmarket deployment of resources to achieve the total land volume controllable and flexibledeployment.This reform will help alleviate the plight of the reality of urban and rural constructionland " tight rural busy city " and the inefficient use of rural land, to activate the market value ofland resources in rural areas, improve land use intensity, and protect arable land red line for themodernization of agriculture operations laid the foundation conditions.This paper is divided into five parts:The first part focuses on the indicators and targets for construction land transactions defined.From the introduction of index construction land management system in the process, to extract theessence of comb construction land is that government control of land for construction of a scale ofpolicy tools, and analysis of the legal nature of the administrative license; thus reveals theconstruction land transaction connotation, figure out that construction land transaction is tointroduce a system of macro market mechanism construction land management to try and sort outthe evolution process of the reform of the system.The second part analyzes the legitimacy of the existence of construction of index tradingsystem. In this paper, government failure theory, property rights theory, institutional changetheory, the theory of public and private land development rights cooperation theory, economicsand law from two dimensions demonstrate the theoretical foundation construction land quotatrading system exists; review of the traditional indicators of management administrative planningand dynamic urbanization incompatible contradiction pattern for construction land transaction laidthe practical foundation; thus summarizes the function of construction land transaction system.The third part describes the typical pattern of construction land reform trading system- Chongqing to Chengdu ticket trading patterns and indicators transaction mode, and give adetailed summary of the contents of the two sort of reform, characteristics, and differencesbetween the two reforms carried out a comparative analysis.The fourth part discusses the effectiveness of Chengdu and Chongqing institutional reformsachieved, and summed up the problems of the two reform from protect farmers from equity,sustainable land use, aspects of the transaction itself, and transaction support measures.The fifth part for the reform of the existence of the above proposed improvement ideas andprinciples. Accomplish the idea to do three sticks, which upholds the economic development andprotection of resources, adhere to farmland protection and intensive use, adhere to governmentregulation and market regulation. Taking into account the four principles, namely to adapt andurbanization, and land ownership relative to undertake, so that the reform bonus benefit to thepeople, so that the rule of law reform escort. Formulated around the construction land transactionin the entire process specific system design. Explicitly refers to the standard of construction landand property rights vested in nature, in order to reduce transaction costs. Soundness Indicatorsmarket platform, from the legal system, the hardware and software facilities, strengtheninginternal management and other aspects. Standardize the most critical indicators of the transactionprocess, clearly involved in the subject transaction, all aspects of sound indicators from theproduction, use and trade to the floor for Chengdu and Chongqing Reform unique sound technicallegal issues raised. Finally, proposed land planning system and the the social security system toimprove in follow-up action.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban and rural development, construction land transactions, land ticket system, farmer interests
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