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From The Perspective Of The Law Of Our Country Football Occupation In The Course Of The Research On The Disputes

Posted on:2013-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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During the years, the status of soccer in sports world has been irreplaceable andhas become one of the most influential sports events in the world. In recent years,with the development of sports industry, soccer has been organically combined withcommerce, which stimulates the development of soccer. The soccer industry in ourcountry has been adjusted within a large range under this trend. Through over tenyears of professional soccer construction, nowadays, the professional soccer has madegreat progress in many parts. However, with the vigorous growth of professionalsoccer, to balance every party’s rights and obligations has become a huge challengefor the professional soccer league in our country. Such uneven rights and obligationswould lead to a variety of sports disputes occurred frequently both inside and outsideof the soccer fields. Whether these disputes can be effectively and timely solved, sothat the interests of the parties would be preserved to the greatest extent and theirlegitimate rights and interests can be protected more fully. All of these problems willbecome the basis of sustained and healthy development of professional soccer leaguein our country.China’s professional soccer disputes were taken as the main line; the thesisillustrated the related concepts, characteristics, categories and the main legal relationsof sports disputes. By means of literature, comparative analysis, logical reasoning,case analysis, questionnaire and expert interviews, the thesis analyzed the reasons ofdisputes occurred in professional soccer development: the imperfection of legalmanagement mechanism for professional soccer is the main factor, and there weredefects in the rule-making process; The slow process of legalization for professionalsoccer is the another main factor for the unsolved problems between clubs andmanagements, which affects the development and constructions of clubs; There areless supervision and restriction to soccer associations from national institutions, andthe management system of soccer associations is not accurate, precise, or reasonable;Chinese Football Association was inarticulate to the results of matches which werejudged unfairly, and the final treatment results were not released to the public or fans,which seriously affects the credibility-building of Chinese Football Association. Inorder to make China’s professional soccer develop toward a healthy direction, somecorresponding countermeasures were provided: To improve and strengthen themanagement system in each department of clubs, as well as their system constructions;To restrain the development process of China’s professional soccer by legal system;To establish the system of social supervision, judicial oversight, reasonable and strictsupervision system as well as the dispute resolution mechanism to improve thecredibility of soccer associations and the relevant administrative departments; Eachprofessional organization and management department should be responsible of their own behavior, and to preservethe legitimate rights and interests of the main parts of market economy (soccer clubs),to deepen the sense of responsibility and authority.The thesis aims to provide a theoretical basis to resolve problems and disputesoccurred in the development of China’s soccer industry, as well as to establish a moresound system of dispute resolution. The results of the thesis could be reference torelevant departments to perfect the league rules and regulations and the legislation forsports disputes resolutions.
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