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Students Risk Awareness Education Research Community At Risk

Posted on:2014-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330401969629Subject:Ideological and political education
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Since the1970s, the most significant feature of the development of human society is t entering the global, complicated,uncontrollable and uncertain times. The famous social scientists and The theory of risk society author Ulrich Beck called this era "risk society". At present, China’s reform has entered a crucial period, facing many risks in the process of socialist modernization.Ulrich Beck once said:"Because of the contemporary China great social changes are moving in the risk society and perhaps into high risk society."Under the risk society, risk awareness is an important criterion to measure the level of contemporary society as a whole civilization,is also a key step to avoid risks. Contemporary college students are the main force of the socialist modernization construction,builders and successors of the motherland,they are the backbone of country and nation in the future. However,the situation of college students’ risk awareness is not optimistic. Due to the influence of traditional thoughts and mass media,as well as the related risk system and risk consciousness education are not complete.The author think that contemporary college students of the new risk rational understanding insufficiency, the risk cognitive of subject consciousness is weak,lack of awareness of risk response,risk responsibility consciousness is not enough and lack of group consciousness against risks,etc.Therefore,To cultivate college students’ scientific risk consciousness,strengthen their sense of social responsibility,improve their ability to deal with risks,naturally become the social from all walks of life and education the educator’s bounden duty.Risk awareness education is a positive response to modern risk society. On the basis of the traditional perspective,the author based on the context of the global risk society, combined with the actual situation, to examine the current situation of college students’ risk awareness, in order to strengthen risk awareness education of college students.Firstly, under the guidance of the Marxist concept of risk,to dialectical understanding Western theory of risk society; Secondly,based on basic principles,such as the combination of theory and practice,etc. To strengthen students’ understanding of global risk,at the same time, improve their ability to cope with individual risks, and then actively cultivate college students’ risk of the consciousness of anxiety,responsibility and group. Finally,the risk awareness of contemporary college students education need of school teaching system perfecting, risk practice simulation training, also need a harmonious environment of the family education and the new media Internet positive propaganda and so on. The cultivation of college students scientific risk awareness must proceed from the reality of global risks and China risks,must be combined with the actual situation of college students’risk status quo.In the face of the double risk of global integration and China’s transition period,to strengthen college students’risk awareness is imperative, it is not only the reality needs of the development of the times,but also the inevitable requirement of personal all-round development and building a harmonious society.
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