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Research On Issue Of College-Graduate Village Officials’ Development

Posted on:2014-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330401971419Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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With the pace of construction of new socialist countryside further deepened, thegroup of College-Graduate Village Officials is becoming more and more people into thefield of vision. Because rural environment trivial, arduous, complicated relationship andaffairs on College-Graduate Village Officials’ work service jobs needed to meet thedemand of the capacity is particularly demanding. However, whether College-GraduateVillage Officials group itself or organization department, the department of choose andemploy persons, the villagers, village official should have what quality and ability forcollege students, how to select or develop excellent College-Graduate Village Officials, arealso had a clear understanding. Based on this, this paper makes a construction ofCollege-Graduate Village Officials’ training target system, and combining the universitystudent village officer selection and training of the status quo, put forward to strengthen theuniversity student village official education raises the countermeasures and Suggestions. Itto help students establish a correct concept of capability quality training, improving thestructure of the rural cadres and provide high-quality talents for the rural development,promote rural economic and social development also has a practical significance.The advancement of College-Graduate Village Officials’ training, not only needs theguidance of the policy level also requires the construction of laws and regulations andother system of synchronous forward, also need to at the grass-roots level, college studentsvillage officials, college and society various efforts. As "village officials" of oneundergraduate in one village "project, build in line with the social from all walks of lifeneeded to specific education of college students village official training mechanism, theuniversity student village official training goal location as part of its education training, itbecomes very important.Each main body are analyzed in this paper on the university student village officer roleexpectations and the main factors affecting the development of college students villageofficials, college student village official training goal location, the binding energy of thistheory, constructs the university student village official training target system. In order toimprove their work ability, and with the aid of the training target system, and providesreference for strengthening college students’ village officials work.
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