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Study Of "Domestication" Basketball Player Phenomenon Of Society

Posted on:2014-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330401982085Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Naturalized players is common thing in basketball field, the event of “the door ofnaturalized players” made the naturalized players became the focus. The existence ofnaturalized players becomes a phenomenon, and it influence social moral principles.The end of this study is to analyze the phenomenon.Through the literature material method, expert interview method, fieldworkmethod and so on, in this article analyzed the phenomenon about naturalized playersin the basketball game. that the influence of naturalized players in the basketball gamemainly concentrated on social ethics, the spirit of sports, the value of the human beingand the development of basketball. The influence of social ethics is embodied in thesense of honor and sense of belongings of naturalized players: the core question is:“who can play basketball on behalf of the state?" On the influence of sports spiritembodied in the presence of naturalized players leads to the worry about sport fair;The existence of naturalized players objectively promoted the development ofbasketball sports in the area, to some extent, player maximize personal value, at thesame time should take into account the negative effect "dollar policy" innationalization behavior.In the cognitive survey, found that the fans is not enough to understand thevocabulary of naturalization, but when they understand the phenomenon ofnaturalization, most of the fans support choice of naturalized players, supportintroduce naturalized players in our country."I hope players that I most like to playfor my country" reflects the fans for the support of the good players beyond thenarrow national obligations, embodies the spirit of sports.Through analysis the feasibility of the introduction of naturalized players inChina,we consider that the introduction of naturalized can improve the grade ofChinese basketball team, and improve the level of our basketball athletic; The mainhandicap of introducing naturalized players in our country t is our country law, it doesnot support dual nationality, the obstacles not only exist in the basketball field;From social cognitive perspective, attitude towards domestic fans for naturalizedplayers tend to be more inclusive, but national phenomenon to naturalized players onthe introduction of some obstacles.
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