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Internal College Governance From The Angle Of Stakeholder Theory

Posted on:2014-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With Thirty years of reform and opening up, the rapid development of China’shigher education, colleges and universities as an independent legal person, andgradually gained autonomy in running a university, also faces enormous challenges atthe same time. in continuous enrollment after the rapid expansion of our universities,higher education, from mass crashed. Relative to other enveloped countries in theworld of higher education popularization, China almost overnight, became asuperpower in the world of higher education. It is a public university and conflict witheach other or to reconcile the different interests and take joint action of the continuousprocess. Therefore the university governance is a co-ordination process; is acontinuous interaction between the public university of all stakeholders; is a kind ofcooperation and win-win strategy. Whether external governance and internalgovernance, university governance process is a very complicated process, is adynamic process of all kinds of power gameIn the long time, our university academic garbage is not high, the academiclevel is not in an ideal state, the basic reason lies in the university governancestructure is backward, interests contradiction all stakeholders within the Universityhave become increasingly prominent, filled with various rights struggle, compared tothe traditional university, the university is influenced by modern a variety of factors,especially the complex organizational structure of the University, how to balance theinterests of all subjects, give full play to university status in society, is a problemworthy of study.In this paper, the analysis for the stakeholders of University, and the classification,through reference analysis of governance structure of the west, made someconclusions, especially the governance structure of the United States of America,academic power and administrative power are separated, only the degree is different. According to the sociology and taxonomy of the Chinese University is divided intothree categories: Research University, University of research education, and teachinguniversity, three different types of university has different characteristics, are based onthe perspective of talent cultivation, but have a different focus. Only for governance,to science in Colleges and universities, gradually into the real governance...
Keywords/Search Tags:Stakeholder Theory, Internal College Governance, academicdecision-maker power
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