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Research On The Model Of Community Sport Based On The Service Quality And Service Satisfaction

Posted on:2013-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the most important part of sports affairs, the development community sports willindicate the standard of living condition and civilization. With the social economics developingand the increasing demand from people on leisure, it is very important to improve the quality ofcommunity sports. However, as the part of public service in China, community sport is just onthe starting stage. Therefore, considering the development of community sport, it should havemore practical research than on the theory.Under the background of the community development, this article will analyze differentmodel of community sport through the relationship between service quality and total satisfaction.First´╝îthis article build the evaluation system based on the theory of SERVQUAL. It contains5dimensions and22indexes that make the content of service quality clear on the community sport.Second, this article uses SERVQUAL to measure the service quality of community sport inShanghai and analyze the relationship between service quality and total satisfaction throughmultiple regressions. Lastly, using structural equation model to analyze the structural relationshipbetween5dimensions including Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance,Consideration and total satisfaction respectively. Then make suggestions based on the differentpath and relevant factors in the structural model.On the method of research, this article mainly uses empirical study on the relationshipbetween service quality and total satisfaction of the community sport and it has great significancein the prentice of evaluating the service of community sport development. Additionally, themethod of this research is scientific and innovative because this article use both multipleregressions and structural equation model to verify the effect from service quality to totalsatisfaction and relative factors in community sport. Besides, the conclusion of the analyze alsoprovide reasonable suggestions on the improvement of current development model ofcommunity sport.According to the research, the evaluation of service quality explains the current standard ofcommunity sport properly and the structural model built can indicate the relationship betweenservice quality and total satisfaction totally and comprehensively, which is sensible and scientific.Lastly, the5different suggestions of the development model explains how to makeimprovements in the service quality based on the result found by the empirical study and makegreat sense in the further theoretical and practical research about community sport.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service quality, Service satisfaction, Community Sport
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