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Japanese National Culture’s Influence On The Education Of Heian Period

Posted on:2015-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Though imitating Tang Dynasty,Japan had formed culture called The Tang Dynastyculture style in Nara period and the beginning of Heian period.But at a later stage in heianperiod, interrupting the official exchange between China and Japan,it made Japan moreclosed.Due to this reason,the Japanese national consciousness had been awakening,Japanesenational culture that rooted in the Japanese Society had been developed.In such a culture,theJapanese Society has been changed so profoundly in various aspects,the same to Education.In the Confucian education, the official recession has began to decline,the private schooleducation had flourished,but flashed in the pan. In the Buddhist Education, Tiantai andShingon Buddhism had brought a new revolution, Not only had revolutionized buddhismthought,but also had established a complete teaching system that trained a large number ofoutstanding successors, it broke the limitation that education was confined to the nobleclass,and it also made contribution to the public. In women’s education,under the Japanesenational culture, double cultural structure had formed. The women was active extremely andshined in the heian peiod,so women’s education had also been paid attention. In the specialeducation,the law system that established in the Nara period had eradicated,it made theoriginal special education institutions declined,the national elements also sprung up in thatperiod. Though analysing the relationgship between the Japanese national culture andeducation of heian period,we can understand education in peian period,and also can grasp thedeveloping venation of the japanese education comprehensively.
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