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Study Of Mr. Chang Dongsheng And The Communication Of Baoding Style Wrestling Culture

Posted on:2015-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the birth place to Chinese Wrestling, Baoding is a city with a history of more than sixhundreds years of wrestling culture. There are four leading “City of Wrestling” in China(Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, and Baoding) and Baoding tops the list. Wrestling is a popular sportin northern China and the skills in Baoding are superb than other cities, which made the name“Baoding Style Wrestling” famous in China. During the1800s this city became one of thecenters of wrestling.Mr. Chang Dongsheng is a master of Baoding Style Wrestling. He learned it from his youthand gained his reputation for his diligence and technique. Mr. Chang Dongsheng is praisednot only because of his wrestling skills but his efforts of making this sport a well-known onearound the world. He had developed the wrestling techniques together with his successors andwhat matters more is that he promoted the spirits of Wushu to the whole world. In1949hisfamily moved to Taiwan and he continued to spread the Baoding Style Wrestling, frommartial club to schools, from Taiwan to the world. Later this sport got its popularity aroundthe world.The process of the spreading of Baoding Style Wrestling is one kind of cross-culturalcommunication and reflects the value of Mr. Chang. It will make the culture of Wushu knownby people all over the world and the attention to Baoding Style Wrestling from the academiccircle and Baoding city should be paid.
Keywords/Search Tags:Baoding Style(Chinese Wrestling), Chang Dongsheng, Transcultural Communication
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