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The Status Survey And Comparative Analysis Of Chinese Wrestling Club Of Baoding And Handan

Posted on:2015-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Chinese-style wrestling can be described as a wonderful work of Chinese martial arts,"big stumbling thirty-six, a small trip,72miscellaneous trip hairs race " is the whole societyon the skill set, performative, fitness, practicality in one of Chinese-style wrestling highlyrecognized. Technology system for its Chinese-style wrestling flexible approach, thecomplete system, after thousands of years of change and a long history. In the1990s, withthe proposed National Olympic Glorious Program, the once glorious moment of non-Chinese-style wrestling in the Olympics after the Seventh National Games are no longerlisted as the Games events, professional sports teams have also disbanded competitive leveland scale of the races began to shrink, Chinese-style wrestling downward trend. And inrecent years, through continuous efforts to explore the people, Chinese-style wrestlingshowing signs of recovery across the country there were many Chinese-style wrestling club.Sports clubs belong to the community of sports organizations in many countries areundertaking basic tasks to carry out mass sports activities, therefore becoming the maincarrier of social sports, or even participate in sports clubs have become the modern sportsmost convenient and effective one way. However, the development of sports clubs in ourcountry is still in the initial stage, not mature enough, the club theory suitable for China isnot clear enough, Chinese-style wrestling club also is relatively new, only a small numberof small-scale, and the lack of success can learn from the experience the existing level ofdevelopment and operation mechanism, able to adapt to the development of the law of thesocialist market economy, promote the sport can become the backbone of constantdevelopment, is still unknown. Status of Chinese-style wrestling club, a direct impact ontheir future development and direction.Chinese-style wrestling is the quintessence, is the pride of the Chinese nation, Chinaand India after the millennium heritage and deep imprint is a symbol of national culture. Intoday’s rapidly changing world cultural pattern of the background, the urgent need torevitalize our national cultural industries, promote the importance of national spirit rises tothe level of strategic significance. Prior to wrestle as one of the four townships, thedevelopment momentum of China Wrestling Baoding ’s not as Seventh National Games, but when compared to other regions, the rate of development level is still relatively successfulexamples, which the role of Chinese-style wrestling club contributed. In recent years,however, Baoding, China-style wrestling match results, though still able to maintain thecountry’s leading level, but the number of Chinese-style wrestling club in2000but neverreduced to the current five two practice significantly reduce the number of people there,which bound to have a negative impact on the long-term development in Baoding Chinawrestling. Compared with Baoding, China-style wrestling club in Handan city in theprovince of brothers have developed increasingly larger scale, the rising number of exercises,rather," it is not worth wrestle wrestle rural villages," the momentum.Through literature, questionnaire, interview and mathematical statistics, combinghistorical development of Chinese-style wrestling club, field visits Baoding, Handan citiesInvestigation of Chinese-style wrestling club, and the resulting data were analyzed,summarize the successful experience of municipalities and shortcomings, and explore thereasons for the rise and fall of the Chinese-style wrestling club, try to find some measures toimprove the problem, provide a theoretical basis and practical reference for the developmentof other areas to explore Chinese-style wrestling, so as to promote this the campaign in therange of the country and the world to flourish.Baoding, Handan cities six Chinese-style wrestling club belong to amateur sports club,the club ’s current situation generally satisfactory, the overall level of development is betterthan Baoding, Handan City. Age of the club ’s coaches generally higher, but the level ofeducation is not high. The main groups are for physical fitness exercises and hobbiesschoolchildren purposes. The clubs were not hired professional management staff, butperformed by the head coach. Currently the external promotion of the work of the club arenot that good. Government Baoding, Handan cities are a local club provides substantialsupport, the majority of the club had received corporate sponsorship. Currently onlyBaoding Zhenhua martial arts can be profitable, other clubs are in a state of balance. Lack ofgovernment support is not the main reason for the club unsustainable, business managementis a decisive factor...
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