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Qingdao Area Administrative Personnel In Higher Vocational Colleges Research On Job Involvement And Incentive Mechanism

Posted on:2014-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422950307Subject:Business Administration
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Administrative personnel is an important part of management and talent team construction inhigher vocational colleges, this group of schools plays an increasingly important rolein enhancing the overall strength of theschools. With the reform of higher vocational collegesto carry out a comprehensive and deepening the administrative management is becomingcomplicated. The research results show that, the general administrative personnel of manyvocational colleges due to work pressures, policy environment, personal problems, and otherfactors led to low job involvement and satisfaction, burnout, reduced the enthusiasm of theirwork, the work is not efficient, service awareness, which affect the operating efficiency of theentire organization, the strength of an organization is not conducive to unity and the ability toplay, even to have adverse effect on the development of higher education in our country.Therefore, We should choose a reasonable working status indicators of this group to carry outan effective investigation, analysis, research, and select the appropriate incentiveperspective, targeted incentives proposed management strategies and recommendations tohelp them to increase their enthusiasm for work and job commitment, guide vocationalcolleges Teachers, promote harmonious and healthy development of vocational colleges.Based on the literature study and the domestic and foreign scholars research on incentive mechanism for the administrative personnel work, through the investigation and statistical analysis, analized the status quo and the causes of the Qingdao area vocational college administrative personnel’s work, combined with the soft environment of higher vocational college administrative work situation, in view of the administrative personnel’s job involvement, incentive model is selected, and the effective mechanism of incentive and administrative personnel work inhigher vocational colleges, and puts forward management suggestions and countermeasures from two aspects of the school and individuals.
Keywords/Search Tags:Qingdao area Higher Vocational Colleges, Administrative personnel, Jobinvolvement, Incentive mechanism
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