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Under The Background Of Aging Population In Inner Mongolia Endowment Insurance Research

Posted on:2014-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422956391Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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The aging population has become the inevitable development trend of the world’spopulation, fifth national census shows, the proportion of the elderly population inChina has reached6.69%, international common standard about ageing of population,in a country or region’s proportion of the elderly population accounts for7%in thetotal population, it has get to the aging society, this standard according to a book in1965the United Nations published "the aging of the population and the economicsocial influence". According to this standard, China has basically got to the agingsociety the ranks. Characteristics of population aging in China, there is no a countryhas more elderly population than China in the world, the aging of populationdeveloping fast, the aging of population development is imbalance between variousregions. Especially China entered the aging society is relatively backward in theeconomy, is typical of the "old before getting rich" countries. In most countries,endowment insurance system is fundamental form of old-age security; it provideseconomic security for the elderly living in retirement. In the trend of population aging,endowment insurance is the firstly institutional support system, and its importance isbecoming increasingly prominent. As the elderly population increasing, theendowment insurance system is confronted with more and more severe challenges.According to the Inner Mongolia population net released data show, InnerMongolia65years old and over population accounts for the total population hasexceeded7%in2002. Refer to international standards; the Inner MongoliaAutonomous Region has got into the ranks of aging. The characteristics of agingpopulation in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is the total number ofpopulation aging faster than population growth, the aging of population developingfast, the average number of households below the whole country, working-age burdenheavier. This characteristic has great influence for the Inner Mongolia AutonomousRegion’s endowment insurance, especially for the family pension burden andexpenditure increase. This paper focuses on the fundamental theory of the agingpopulation and endowment insurance, combined with the case of Chahar right frontresearch results, research and analysis the aging of population in Inner Mongoliaunder the background of the aging population insurance status and existing problems, and put forward reasonable opinions and suggestions.
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