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Research On Sports Consumption Characteristics And Influence Of Urban Residents In Ningbo City

Posted on:2014-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422965557Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In this paper based on Howard Xie Si theory, on the basis of theoretical analysis and literaturereview, reference to marketing and management related theory knowledge, through the way ofempirical study, exploring and refining of ningbo urban residents sports consumptioncharacteristics, and analyze the influencing factors. Provides reference for operators choosereasonable business strategy, to promote the development of ningbo city sports industry and sportsconsumption market.In this paper, the urban residents in ningbo sports consumers as the research object, research inthree steps: the first step to analyze present situation of ningbo urban residents sports consumers;The second step is analysis the characteristic of ningbo urban residents sports consumption, mainlythrough the analysis of the behavior features and content; The third step, according to Howard-Xie Si theory, in view of the behavior features and content to r-mode factor analysis of influencingfactors, the following conclusions:(1) ningbo town residents’ sports consumption consciousness has begun to change towards thedirection of the fitness and leisure. Sports consumption motivation with pragmatic motivations isgiven priority to, mainly concentrated in physical fitness and entertainment activities. Leisure timeare mainly concentrated in2-3hours, and will gradually as main recreational way of leisure sportsactivities. Leisure time activities are mainly composed of the Internet, the sports activities of thesecond. The residents sports consumption’s experience in the majority with1-2years;Consumption frequency in the majority with1to2times per week; Spending time is given priorityto with30to60minutes at a time. The main form of participation in sports consumption is togetherwith neighbors, friends and family. The main channel to get sports information is television and theInternet. Most people are feeling is generally after sports consumption. Residents’ sportsconsumption is given priority to with ShiWuXing sports consumption, sports consumption level islow level. (2) the ningbo urban residents sports consumption behavior characteristics of sports consumers ofdifferent ages, aged41-65years experience of sports consumers in consumption, consumptionfrequency is significantly higher than other age groups. Sports consumers of different gender, themale sports consumer spending is significantly higher than women. The consumption of sportsconsumers of different professions, the knowledge workers experience significantly high and otherprofessional sports consumers. Sports consumers different levels of income, income is in3500yuan-3500yuan of community sports is the most consumer spending. Different degree of sportsconsumers, college graduate or undergraduate sports consumer spending time of the highest.(3) consumer content features: ningbo urban residents sports consumers in different age, sex,occupation, education, income, the main content of the sports consumption is given priority to withbuy sports clothing shoes and hats, ranked first; The second is to charge venue to participate inphysical exercise; The third is to subscribe to newspapers and magazines.(4) the factors influencing the characteristics of ningbo urban residents sports consumption:external factors, including the consumer characteristics, consumption idea, consumption value, theleisure time. Among them, the main indicators of consumer characteristics are external factors;Internal factors include, consumer demand, consumer motivation, consumer preferences. Theconsumption demand is the main factors influencing the inner index; Stimulus factors include,consumption environment, media agencies, related groups. The consumption environment is themain factors influencing the stimulus index; Factors including reaction, after the conflict,satisfaction with products, purchase experience, including product satisfaction is the main factorsinfluencing the reaction index.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ningbo City, town dweller, Features of sports consumption, influencing factor
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