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The Diversified Talent Cultivation System Of Athletics Sports Of Our Country

Posted on:2014-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422965561Subject:Physical Education and Training
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This topic to "training system" as the main line, around the cultivation of competitive sportstalents as the core, combining with the sports system,"from the combination of","YuanJiaoHua",club culture and personal family independent cultivation mode of cases, from the output of thetalent cultivation system, management system, training system, policy support and interest in thedevelopment of study and other aspects of the summary, summarized theoretical system andrelated analysis of the current training mode, improve the problems of the existing trainingmethods, build the new competitive sports talent cultivation system route based on the diversifieddevelopment of athletics sports of our country, summarizes and discusses the historical experiencesof institutional change and institutional innovation of competitive sports, refining and reflect on thetalent of athletics sports of our country in the level3training network culture in the process ofsuccessful experience and the existence of some structure defects, and follow up rule ofcompetitive sports, to coordinate the contradiction of "training" and "learning", explore diversifiedcompetitive sports personnel training system architecture, and to change the training system can befound some problems after the analysis, the article tries to explore a suit at present stage nationalcondition reality, in line with the development of competitive sports with Chinese characteristics,so as to promote rapid and sustained development of competitive sports in our country. After theanalysis and research to this article conclusion is:(1), Cultivation of competitive sports in our country’s environment gives birth to five kinds ofcultivation mode adapt to our country athletics sports talented person’s need to have theiradvantages and disadvantages, from I meter of diversified development of competitive sports long-term consideration, appropriating a variety of training mode phenomenon is to promote thedevelopment of sports enterprise in our country, but to make the better development of our countrycompetitive sports training needs departments to make policies on the leadership of the state sportsguidance and services to a variety of training mode in the development of competitive sportstalents cultivation system, the state sports department from the policy support to the developmentof a variety of training mode, to develop on management and execution of training system asstandard. Formulate unified guidelines and policies to guide our country competitive sports careerto ever more magnanimous journey forward. (2), sports talents is huge and systems engineering, first in terms of institutions need toimprove, form a unified leadership and regulators; Second run institutions on diversified trainingsystem to coordinate all kinds of education mode, trying to form in the training organization system,the backup talents conveying system, competition system, scientific, and services security systemcoordinated development, and achieve real sports resources sharing; Again see investment need tosolve in the distribution of interests and areas of interest disputes and other issues.(3), Five existing training system in our country, there is still no one can start from the athletestraining system, cultivate excellent athletic skills high-cultural literacy knowledge, to adapt to thesocial ability of competitive sports talents, the cause of athletics sports of our country is developingin this direction, how to coordinate a variety of training mode, realization of sports and sports don’tdisconnect is realistic problems in the development of competitive sports in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:The sports system, From the union, YuanxiaoHua, The club culture, Individualfamily culture, diversification
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