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The Research On The Implementation Of American NCLB Act

Posted on:2015-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422969647Subject:History of education
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George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act in2002, which made definiteprovisions on federal education funds, flexibilities and education accountability. NCLB aimsat improving students’ academic performance and closing the achievement gap, andfurthermore NCLB introduces a series reform of elementary and secondary education. Inorder to promote the implementation of NCLB, the federal increases the financial input ineducation, gives more flexibilities to the states and establishes the education accountabilitysystem. Meanwhile, the states, school districts and schools hold positive attitudes on thepolicies of seeking educational equality as well as improving educational quality. NCLB getmany achievements, for example, the students’academic performance has been improved, theachievement gap has been narrowed and the education accountability system has beenestablished. However, there are also some implementation problems, such as the too idealisticobjects, the short of implementation funds and the inharmonious education managementduring the implementation of NCLB.The implementation of NCLB has entered the adjustment phase; the success and failuremake us contemplate. How to set the educational objectives more scientifically and practically,how to ensure the investment of education funds and how to make the education managementmore coordinated, those experience and lessons are worthy thinking out and summing up. Asa rapidly developing country, Chinese basic education reform is facing various challenges, thehistorical experience of American federal government’s basic education reforms is worthystudying and borrowing from in establishing education accountability, developing teachers’specialization and providing more educational flexibility to local government.
Keywords/Search Tags:United States of America, NCLB Act, Education Management System, Education Accountability, Standardized Testing
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