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The Historical Investigation Of American Professional Development School

Posted on:2015-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The teachers who were trained under American traditional training mode lack educationpractice ability, and their professional level is difficult to improve. Beacuse of the abovesituation, there was a lot criticism from all walks of life in America. In the1980s, along withthe reform of basic education, it set off a massive reform in the field of American teachereducation. The problem of teacher education has attracted government and society’s attentionagain. And Professional Development School was generated and developed in this context. In1986, Boston Edward Devotion School and Wheelock College established the firstProfessional Development School in the true sense. Since then, hundreds of schools anduniversities began to establish cooperative relations. Until the early1990s, there were morethan100Professional Development Schools across the United States was founded.In the1990s, with Tomorrow’s Schools:Principles for the Design of ProfessionalDevelopment and Tomorrow’s Schools of Education issued by Holmes Group, ProfessionalDevelopment School entered into the rapid development stage, reflected in the expansion ofProfessional Development School’s quantity and scale, the strengthening of partnership, thediversification of professional development activities and other aspects. By early2000, therehas established more than1000Professional Development Schools across the United States.The21st century, by the influence of basic education policy reform by the federal governmentand the proposing of Professional Development School standards, different developmentallevels of teacher Professional Development School have a unified standard and reference,Professional Development School is into a standardized development stage, and it hasreformed in the standardization of evaluation process, the refinement of cooperation standard,and other aspects of the resource information’s sharing.Nowadays, the Professional Development School in the United States is became arelatively mature pattern of education practice. Its successful experiences has practicalsignificance to strengthen cooperation of normal colleges and primary and secondaryschools in our country, strengthening the combination of education theory and practice toimprove teachers’ in-service training, promote the research and practice of communicationbetween teachers, creating a good professional development platform.
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