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Study On The Current Situation And Developmental Countermeasures Of Sunshine Sports In Colleges And Universities Of Changsha City

Posted on:2014-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425459717Subject:Physical Education and Training
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To improve adolescents’ physical health and implement the “health first” guidingideology, our country has carried out a wide spread campaign named “SunshineSports for Hundreds of Millions of Students” since2007. It is combined with the fullimplementation of the National Student Physical Health Standard in the country.Since the launching of the Sunshine Sports, Universities and colleges in Changshacity have positively responded to the call of the Ministry of Education, the StateSports General Administration and the Central Committee of the Communist YouthLeague, and actively carried out a wide range of Sunshine Sports which leads to someachievements and problems as well. In order to implement the Sunshine Sports morecomprehensive and in-depth, and effectively improve the physical fitness of thestudents, this paper starts with the analysis of current situation and influencing factors,and then identifies suitable countermeasures to provide a theoretical basis for theChangsha City Colleges and Universities Sunshine Sports.This paper collects the relevant information based on the questionnaire resultsabout400college students and50college PE teachers from eight colleges inChangsha city. Using different methods such as literature data, questionnaire,interview, mathematical statistics, the survey covers the following contents: SunshineSports cognition, specific measures for universities in Changsha city to carry out thesunshine sports, students’ motivation to participate in Sunshine Sports, current statusof students’ participation and influencing factors for the Sunshine Sports in Changshacity colleges and universities.The results show the following findings.1. Most colleges and universities inChangsha city has set up leading group and effective system for the Sunshine Sportsand Sunshine Sports activities organized in different forms has improved theirstudents’ physical fitness to some extent.2. Some college students lack of the clearawareness and strong motivation for the Sunshine Sports.3. Some colleges anduniversities lack of effective supervising mechanisms for the Sunshine Sports, whichresults in the inefficiency of its system.4. Both subjective factors and objectivefactors exist for implementation of Sunshine Sports.5. Changsha city collegestudents’ motivations for physical exercise are diversified, which poses higher requestfor PE course reform in colleges and universities.6.“National Student Physical Health Standard” is fully applied, but few test results are combined with students’physical education achievement. Student physical fitness test is mainly for thefreshman and sophomore students. Some tests are not standard and lead to errors.Based on the current status and actual situation of colleges and universities inChangsha city, this paper puts forward the following countermeasures: perfectingcollege Sunshine Sports system and mechanism, strengthening the Sunshine Sportsprocess supervision, investing in sports education and improving the treatment ofteachers, strengthening the physical education curriculum reform and enrichingsports items, creating a good campus sports culture, strengthening physiquemonitoring and guiding students to scientific exercise, and improving the SunshineSports evaluation system. All these measures can be used to promote the smoothdevelopment of the Sunshine Sports, and comprehensively improve the physicalfitness of students so as to lay a good foundation for students’ overall development.
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