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Research On The Development History Of Extracurricular Sports Training For The New Chinese School

Posted on:2015-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425494227Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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This thesis will analyze and draw a conclusion about the development in theextracurricular activities in new China by using the method of Documentation、Historicalbasis、Logic analysis and Interviewing. In the process of reading a large amount ofliterature material and taking part in the data collecting job for the masterpiece 《-History ofthe development of China centennial school sports》,which is written by ministry ofeducation, I gained lots of relating precious historical documentation.This thesis introduces the growing process of extracurricular school training briefly,looking back on it from the following intervals: the Initial period of New Nation, theperiod of Cultural Revolution, the Open Policy period and modern extracurricular schoolsports training. This paper concludes the feature of each period and analyzes the historicaldeveloping process. Based on the basis of respecting and returning history, this dissertationhopes to offer reference for the extracurricular school training in the coming days.The study indicates that the extracurricular school sports training process in newChina could be divided into five stages, with different feature for each stage. The first stageis the initial interval from1949to1965;The second stage is the revolution interval from1966to1976;The third stage is the recovering and developing interval from1922to1984.The fourth stage is the regulating interval from1985to2004.The fifth stage is thestable developing interval from2005to2013. After1949,the extracurricular school sportstraining in China experienced a gradual growth, such as from non-existence to existence,from weakness to powerfulness, changing thoroughly. In the17years after new China, ournation saw the reform of the social democracy、the great leap forward and the three yearsof natural disaster, meanwhile, the extracurricular school sports training developed hardlyunder exploration. Among these efforts, people tried to set up schools for extracurricularschool sports and traditional sports event. However, it suffered destruction in the culturalrevolution period. After that, the status of sports was rebuilt, so the extracurricular schoolsports training went to the recovering and developing stage. In1985,《The Regulationabout the Development of Extracurricular Sports Training and the Improvement of theLevel in School Sports》was promulgated, leading the extracurricular school sports trainingto an organized and stable new stage. In1985,people tried to establish the high level sportsteam and again in1988, the school for reserving talented sport people was set up. After the《Regulation》,people started to put emphasis on extracurricular sports training. Theorganized system and management were further well controlled, urging the extracurricularschool sports training to normalize.Meanwhile, the development of the extracurricular school sports training is gradual and step by step, which also reflects the general situation of school sports in new China.The study of extracurricular school sports training not only enriches the theory of schoolsports, but also contributes to the development of school sports and the positive expansionof sports event and all aspects of society.
Keywords/Search Tags:new China, extracurricular sports training, the development history
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