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Study On A Question Of The Urban Floating Populationand The Construction Of Harmonious Community

Posted on:2014-08-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425977936Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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April28,2011, the National Bureau of Statistics of China released the Sixth census’Communique No.1, showing the number of floating population in China has reached22,142.67million, compared with the Fifth census’data grew by81.03%, which means China has begun to enter the "migration period ".Therefore.the importance of the urban floating population management and service Increasingly evident. Meanwhile, in the report of the eighteenth congress of the communist party of China, Hu Jintao on the importance of the construction of harmonious society in detail that we clearly and objectively understand the concept of "the construction of harmonious society" in today’s society under the form of significance. As the basis of "the construction of harmonious society","the construction of harmonious community" must under the new historical conditions endowed with new connotation.In short, how to make good use of the positive role of urban migrants, deal with the management of floating population in urban services, and promote a harmonious community building further work to become the focus of this article.In this paper, combined with the current time background.used with philosophy, sociology, demography. political science, economics and other disciplines of basic theoretical knowledge,based on the study of the two concepts of the urban floating population and the construction of harmonious community to find its inner link,then through analysis and research the urban floating population to harmonious community construction positive and negative effects and the causes of the negative effect to find out several countermeasures of coordinating the relationship between urban floating population and the harmonious community construction. The paper is divided into five parts in detail:Part1is an introduction. Mainly expounds the purpose of this paper, analyzes present research situation for the connection between urban floating population and the construction of harmonious community at home and abroad.put forward the research train of though of this paper.Starting from Part2is the text content.mainly on the urban population,harmonioLis community and the construction of harmonious community several concepts defined and analyzed based on the theory. Especially combined with the historical background presented my new understanding of a harmonious community, and as a basis summed up six ways to build a harmonious community.Part3mainly based on the large amounts of text, data, detailed analysis of the characteristics of the current situation of urban migrants and their overall total, population flows, residential distribution and so on. Part4mainly analyzed the positive and negative effects of the urban floating population to build a harmonious community, and particular made a detailed analysis on the causes of the negative effects from outside to inside.Part5mainly for the fourth part of the floating population in the city to build a harmonious community on the adverse effects of the reason, begin improve laws and regulations, improve the management system; role of community function, and promote social inclusion; changing their ideas, and establish a new state of mind three suggestions to make the city to build a harmonious community and migrants in an equilibrium point, in order to consolidate the foundations of a socialist harmonious society.Harmonious community building itself is a systematic project, involving political, economic, cultural and other aspects. Urban migrants but also because the times are different, the economic development while showing different characteristics and functions, this paper combines urban floating population and build a harmonious community to study these two hot issues, with a strong reality, the proposed measures to enhance urban floating population management and services, and promote a harmonious community building work carried out. has played a positive role.
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