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The Analysis Of Development And Assessments Of National High Level Tennis Team In2010

Posted on:2015-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The methods of literature consultation, and expert interview, questionnaireinvestigation, logical analysis, mathematical statistics and comparativeanalysis were used to investigating56universities which applied for highlevel tennis team in2010. This paper divided them into approved school andnewly application school according to the property of declaration and didthroughout research about the real state of each school by referring to theEvaluation Index System of Ministry of Education.1. This review set two systems to evaluate which are approved school and newlyapplication school by self evaluation of universities, provincial assessmentsand Integrated Evaluation to make evaluation scheme and method more detailed.2. More universities start to declare high level sports team,which break thesituation that colleges and universities attached to the Ministry ofCommunications alone big.3. Some approved school were deprived this title because of several reasonslike not take part in high level match, times of joining match are not enoughand sports performance can’t satisfy the requirements.4. The coach team of the schools who were approved "new application" wasstronger than those who were not, and their funding are more sufficient, therace results were more excellent.5. After hosting national and regional major tennis matches, Software andhardware resources of college tennis had a rapid ascension. The reputationof our school has expanded in national college tennis, which had great impetusfor the bid of high level sports teams successfully.6. After the review, the high level tennis teams added7new teams, theincreasing was controlled, and the layout was reasonable. Besides, we buildout the mechanism of elimination and access effectively and finally achievedthe intended purpose of national accreditation teams.According to the issues mentioned above and the actual situation of the tennisprogram, this paper will promote some suggestions and take some measures asfollowing:1. The provincial education administrative departments will become the keyfactor of comment, and they should be responsible for this program to avoida great loss of higher education of the province.The communication between The Ministry of Education and provincial education administrative departmentsshould be strengthened to avoid poor decree.2. China has initially established and improved evaluation system, however,in order to fully take the characters of some sorts such as tennis and thespecial accassion of our school, and special schools, we need to establisha detail comment system.3. Approved school coaches should formulate related regulations staff ranktransformation, increasing opportunities to participate in training,protecting the activity of coach to train the team. The tennis coaches shouldenhance their capabilities of research and development.4. Non-approved school tennis competition should enhance the capacity ofselection and the management of team to achieve excellent achievement. Weshould allow the promising female tennis players get admitted, thus enhancethe competitiveness of the team.5. All schools should focus on the quality and authenticity of the supportingmaterial, combine with the characteristics of each school and the key pointof assessment, which was the focal point to avoid following the same patternsof other universities.6. Funds are not the key in the evaluation, but the performance after theestablishment of team.7. A number of qualified national and regional colleges and universities canorganize the huge tennis game in the country. It will exert a great influencein the area of organizing high level tennis match.
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