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The Intervention Of Social Work In Health Service Station In Juren Village Community In Huainan City

Posted on:2015-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428464664Subject:Social work
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This survey report based on the development of social work is struggling, grassroots health service system is not sound, this big background, through the analysis of social work and current situation and problems of the development of community health service stations, in the case of social work intervention in Juren village community health service station project profile survey as the breakthrough point, around to help the elderly access to essential medical resources, psychological counseling, and social activities needs to carry out activities as the investigation content. Based on both the slow development of common boldly put forward the coordinated development of both sides, expand business areas in order to pursue mutual benefit and win-win situation, and put forward the social work intervention against the idea of community health service methods and significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social work, Community health service stations, cooperation
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