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An Functional Study On Social Work Stations In Community Construction

Posted on:2016-09-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330464966179Subject:Social work
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With community management mode from "management" to "service" change, community building community service, residents’ autonomy became a top priority, in such an environment, community social workstations emerged, forming a community, social organizations, social workers, "San she linkage" community development model, mainly through "government-led,professional undertaking, project operation, the overall linkage" mechanism to carry out services. Which usually refers to the social organization of community social workstations, mainly by professional social workers to carry out in the community social services, and community organizations, and the effective integration of resources, to meet the needs of community residents, coordination and integration of resources, promote community development. Today, the society has become a workstation to community building and development of the service platform. In this paper, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Hing Hong San she District community, for example, under the guidance of relevant theories and methods of sociology, social work,community by community residents and workers in the survey and in-depth interviews in the form of combined professional approach In "San she linkage" to explore the social workstations based on the features and benefits of promoting community building and development, further proposed countermeasures and suggestions to improve workstation operating mechanism. The study is divided into the following sections:Introduction Part I: This article analyzes the background, significance and professional approach to this research process used;Chapter One: The main analysis of this study involved analysis of related concepts used in sociology and social work theory analysis;Chapter Two: introduces the basic situation Xing Kang community and socialwork service stations, as well as operational mechanisms and service models;Chapter III: The Community Social workstation Hing Hong empirical analysis. Questionnaire were analyzed with a combination of in-depth interviews and information, and explore the community in community building society workstation functions performed;Chapter 4: Analysis of Factors Influencing social functioning workstation, and from the social level, the institutional level to foster and promote the local community proposed development workstation Suggestions;The conclusion: concluding remarks, pointing out the lack of research,development and future prospects of local social station.
Keywords/Search Tags:social interaction, social community, building three social workers, function workstation
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