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The Research Of Community Caring Stations With Social Work

Posted on:2015-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330431486431Subject:Social work
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With the accelerated aging of the population, according to2012data show thatthe number of China’s elderly population1,94million level reached14.3%of aging,the elderly population in2013exceeded200million, bringing the total to202million,an increase of the level of aging to14.8%. Meanwhile, with30years ofimplementation of the family planning policy, the one-child families and the elderlypopulation increased longevity, the elderly how pension, how empty nesters pensionand other issues have become the focus of public attention.Increasingly serious problem facing the aging population, the government willstand as a community day care supplement. Station is a community day care home forthe aged pension and social pension in between. For the children are not around anddo not have time to go to work during the day and busy families who care for theelderly, day care service is a good choice. However, the level of quality of servicesand the development of community day care station is uneven. Therefore, to improvethe quality of service stations community day care is not only an active role ininitiatives for the elderly, it is an effective way to maintain a healthy society can run.It is based on the current number of day care reflects the many problems that exist inpension services,Promote community day care station began using professional socialwork methods used in day-care services, which stand for the community day care andthe development of social work has important significance.In this paper, Shenyang S community day care stations, for example, the Scommunity day care station status and existing problems in research, Day care andcommunity involvement through social work stations, select one of the elderly as aservice object, using the case study method, Establish a good relationship with theclient’s case from then to identify cases of community day care station master not thereason, Day care and community stations through communication and coordination, inorder to provide personalized service main case, and ultimately help the case back tothe community day care the main station. So for the children to go to work during theday unattended elderly, give full play to the role of community day care stations todeal with an aging population is significant. This article concludes with how socialwork involved in community day care service stations pension suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community Retirement Service, Daily Caring Station, Social Work
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