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The Application And Influence Of Film And Television Resources In Middle School’s Chinese Teaching

Posted on:2015-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The famous communication professor Schramm said:"the invention of the film and television is a great achievement of human, but how to apply it, but a bigger test of human intelligence." Film and television as a comprehensive art, but also as a kind of mass communication has penetrated into all aspects of today’s society life, not only entered lots of families, has entered our language classroom. With the deepening of the middle school Chinese curriculum reform and development of Chinese curriculum resources utilization and development also gradually became an important part of Chinese teaching reform."Full-time compulsory education Chinese course standard" and "the ordinary high school language curriculum standard" explicitly in the film, television, advertising, newspapers, magazines and other listed in the important Chinese curriculum resources.Chinese teaching in middle school basic contains "listening, speaking, reading and writing" four modules of the teaching content, the form of audio and visual arts of film and television resources has great similarity and correlation. At the same time, visual and vivid, vivid characteristics of film and television transmission is a traditional curriculum resources has incomparable advantage. Therefore, film and television resources can be an auxiliary method in the teaching of the language classroom, make it become a beneficial supplement of the language teaching material. In today’s middle school Chinese teaching, the introduction of the film and television resources has full of necessity and feasibility. First of all, the introduction of film and television resources conform to the middle school Chinese new curriculum reform requirements, conform to the high school language new teaching material, meet a variety of pedagogy and psychology theory viewpoint. Second, film and television and the Chinese kinship, related to the middle school language teaching material, film and television resources relatively abundant, multimedia teaching means also provides material basis for the use of film and television resources.This thesis consists of preface, text and epilogue three parts, the introduction mainly Outlines the research background, research significance and research method of this article. The text part includes four chapters; the main contents are as follows: The first chapter mainly summarizes the connotation and characteristics of film and television teaching resources, as well as the significance of film and television resources in Chinese teaching in middle school. The second chapter mainly analyzes the movie resources in the middle school language is applied to the teaching and learning of each module, including the use of oral communication teaching, in the use of classics reading teaching, the application in writing teaching. The third chapter mainly discusses the impact of film and television resources in middle school Chinese teaching, both had a positive effect, and ignore the negative impact. The fourth chapter mainly discusses the film and television in the middle school Chinese teaching resources reasonable use of recommended strategy, including the use of principles and requirements, reasonable use of film and television resources and discusses the ways of how to deal with the relationship between the film and television resources and teaching content.
Keywords/Search Tags:the film and television resources, Chinese curriculum, teaching mode, application, influence
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