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Community Sports Service Performance Evaluation Index System In Shanxi Province

Posted on:2015-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428962883Subject:Humanities and sociology
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With the development of economy in Shanxi Province people’sstandard of living increases, community residents demand forcommunity sports services become more and more strong.Therefore, to speed up improving the quality of community sportsservice in Shanxi Province, improve the community sports serviceenvironment must be established a set of reasonable and scientific,easy to operate and is in line with the actual situation of ShanxiProvince community sports service performance evaluation indexsystem, eventually forming the performance evaluation indexsystem. Evaluation index system can be used for good performanceof the supervision of the community sports service measurementplay an important role in Shanxi Province, Shanxi Provincecommunity sports service performance evaluation index system ofthe establishment of can in the fastest way to know the status ofthe current community sports service in our province, for thedevelopment of community sports service in the future and localgovernment policies as one of the standard of evaluation. To buildthe index system for performance evaluation of community sports inShanxi Province clothing first11city community sports service in Shanxi Province and the operation of the current situation, in theform of a questionnaire survey was carried out, by understanding thecurrent situation to determine the scope and content of indexsystem, at the same time, a large number of literature data queryand research, on the basis of the preliminary and formulatecommunity sports service performance evaluation index system ofShanxi Province. Second choice of university teachers, sportsofficials and other relevant experts in the field of15, with themethod of questionnaire investigation, and please experts to buildthe index system of the indicators to score early and modificationproposals are put forward. Again according to the two rounds ofexpert consultation to draw every index scores of screeningindicators and determine the weights of indicators, the finalformation of community sports service performance evaluationindex system of Shanxi Province and assignment. Have formed theindex system for the reliability validity test, to ensure the scientificand effective. This research building of the community sportsservice performance evaluation index system for the first time fromthe benefit and effect, to formulate relevant indicators such asformed a distinct community sports service performance evaluationindex system of Shanxi Province, including primary index5,13secondary indicators,40three-level indicators, and through thefactor analysis method to calculate the weight of each index. Andthe formula for computing the indicators.Overall, the index system of a complete set of reasonablestructure, content, comprehensive, can reflect the reality of shanxicommunity sport service and performance evaluation of the basic requirements. To improve the efficiency of community sports servicein shanxi, guarantee the quality of life of community residents inShanxi Province and feedback community sports service conditionfor the government to formulate relevant policy plays an importantrole.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community sports service, The performanceevaluation, The indicator system
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