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The Present Situation And Development Strategy Of County Sports Public Service In Shanxi Province

Posted on:2015-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428962892Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In the key period of the establishment of “Healthy Shanxi” and theintegrated development of urban and rural, Shanxi, with the narrowcoverage of sports public service, weak capacity of grass-rootservice in urban and rural places and the wide gap between urban andrural mass sports development, can meet the demands of countyresidents to exercise and keep health by improving the county sportspublic service system of Shanxi Province, so as to make the healthyliving ideas deeply rooted and improve the residents’ health andquality of life. Through the investigation and analysis of the status ofcounty sports public service in Shanxi and combined with the relatedtheory and corresponding policy for its development trend, this thesisis aimed at providing a theoretical reference for the scientificguidance to the sustainable development of county sports publicservice in Shanxi.This study chooses the present status of county sports publicservice in Shanxi as the research object, and county residents as theinvestigation object. By the method of multi stage stratified randomsampling, samples (residents over the age of16) were extracted randomly from96counties in11cities of Shanxi Province, and theactual613valid questionnaires were received. It mainly uses themethod of literature, investigation and interview, questionnairesurvey and mathematical statistics, etc. to make investigation andanalysis of county sports public service in Shanxi Province, and thenfind the existing problems in the construction and development ofcounty sports public service in Shanxi, as well as putting forwardcorresponding suggestions.The result shows:(1) Since the “11th five-year”, county publicsports facilities in Shanxi have been greatly improved both in quantityand quality; however, the arrangement of facilities is not thatreasonable, which did not reflect the convenience for residents; withless openness of schools and other facilities, it also failed to reflectthe public welfare properly.(2) The rapid development of countyeconomy of Shanxi Province has made the county residents’ sportsdemand tends to individuation and diversification, and however resultin a low socialization and marketization level of county sportsorganization; the construction of basic sports organization is notperfect, and the overall satisfaction of county residents towardssports organization is low.(3) Counties in Shanxi Province are able topromote mass sports activities actively, and many local Shanxi sportsactivities have been widely carried out, some of which have becomebrand activities of national fitness and will gradually spread to thewhole nation; but the organization form of mass activities is simpleand lacks of propaganda, and participation and influence of activitiesis not that much.(4) As the number of fitness sites and social sportsinstructors increases, it has eased the residents’ demand for fitness guidance to a certain extent; the primary platform of sports publicservice has been established, but the counties are failed to make fulluse of modern media, such as network and television, to realize thepublicity and service of information.(5) It has basically realize the fullcoverage of student physical monitoring network in Shanxi’s counties(as the center), but the physical monitoring for township and ruralresidents is still lacking; the satisfaction of the county civil physicalmonitoring service is low, there is a big gap to meet the needs ofresidents, so the monitoring service for county residents still needsimprovement.(6) Some problems are existing in the development ofcounty sports public service in Shanxi: the attention from leadershipto the development of public sports is not enough; lacking of publicwelfare and convenience of public sports facilities; the funds supplyof county sports public service is single; the missing and imperfectionof sports monitoring service; and the feedback mechanism ofresidents’ sports demand is not perfect.
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