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High School Language Learning Motivation To Explore

Posted on:2015-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Content, Language subjects is a versatile basic subjects. Its "multi-functional" refers to the language as the core intellectual, moral and aesthetic while penetration is to develop students’ quality and intellectual development, the pursuit of improving the overall capabilities. In short, not only to play language training capacity, but also to play to know, love, meaning the educational function. However, as a high school education in the basic sciences, examination-oriented education mode enables the language teaching situation is worrying: Motivation high school language learning simple, utilitarian heart strong, students learn the language just for their studies, students do not have much interest in language learning and passion, a serious shortage of motivation for language learning. Students learn how to effectively mobilize the motivation in the classroom, is the focus of more and more people are concerned about. Analysis of the current status of high school language learning, combined with first-line educational practice, language learning motivation for high school students be explored.To adapt to the development of society, based on the new curriculum standards, terms of changes in educational philosophy and evaluation methods have done a lot of innovation and reform, and have achieved good results. However, if the study subjects-students, or in the past that passive learning state, then the results of the teaching reform is ultimately not satisfying. Therefore, the majority of first-line language teachers promote student change from passive learning to active learning, has become a major effort to explore the issue.This article will explore the dynamic aspects of high school language learning, a comprehensive analysis of the current status of high school language learning. Propose effective measures to improve high school students learning motivation is. Hope for the future of high school language teaching efficiency can be helpful.
Keywords/Search Tags:Language learning motivation, interest in learning, language learningmotivation system, learning the subject
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