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The Pathological Phenomena Of Classroom Questioning In Primary And Secondary Schools And Its Correct Strategies

Posted on:2015-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Education is a complex dynamic system, his operation and development, adhere to their own a certain rule, system building and coordination, the elements with in the system, and changes in the exchange between the material energy conversion with the outside world is its development and play a necessary condition for normal operation.If the system internal imbalances matter or information disorders or disorders, like people get sick, education also exists among the education condition, which requires attention and response strategy research for education conditions.For a long time, in the process of pedagogy teaching and research, analysis and discussion of education teaching mainly specification in its ideal state research, education of textbooks is always trying to describe an outline of the ideal state of perfect education, to a good or is "healthy" education system is how to appear and operation, thus overlook the teaching system is the direction of law thinking and research, the condition of education teaching almost never mentioned. In view of this, this thesis in the opposite direction, to the middle and primary school classroom questioning with pathology reverse thinking, with the existing theory of education practice as the background, the diagnosis in pathological phenomena that exist in the process of classroom questioning and its characteristics, and preliminary establish in the reality of teaching, especially in middle and primary school classroom questioning teaching according to pathological phenomena of rectifying measures, and put forward prevention and cure Suggestions.The text is divided into five sections:Part Ⅰ: Introduction.This section describes the research background, research questions, research, literature review, research purpose and meaning difficulties in thinking and methods, research and innovation. Part II:Definition of pathological analysis of primary and secondary school classroom questioning.This pathologies by narrating parts mainly from two aspects:first, the concept of the question has been defined, then the role and significance of primary and secondary school classroom questioning is presented;II is an analysis of primary and middle schools, the pathologies in question, primary and middle schools, the normal questions and questions of definition and analysis of pathological phenomena.Part Ⅲ: Primary and secondary school classroom questioning causes of pathological phenomena.This part a district Middle School, Chongqing and2primary school student survey results based on questionnaires and interviews with the teacher, main subjects, teaching objects and other aspects of interest from these three areas to analyze causes of primary and secondary school classroom questioning and pathologies. Teaching the main reasons are reasons for teachers, student-related reasons, the interaction between teachers and students and the interplay of life and consisting of four parts;Teaching objects are mainly teaching environmental causes and course material causes; Other reasons effect refers to the examination system and the management of teaching.Part Ⅳ: Pathological deviation in primary and secondary school classroom questioning strategies. Pathologies from the tactics of teachers’teaching strategies, student learning and school management strategies of three partial correction of the primary and middle schools, the pathologies in question.Teachers’teaching strategies from teaching goal setting, choice of teaching contents, forms and methods described in the application and implementation of teaching evaluation; Strategy is primarily targeted for student learning, clear learning objectives, changing the concept of positive thinking, strengthen learning and subject matter expertise to get rid of the obstacle of teachers’ authority; Strategy is to focus on classroom assessment of school management, the integration of classroom questioning in the training of school-based curriculum, establishing health-oriented management ideas, to expand the schools manage content analysis of deviation in four parts.Part Ⅴ: Conclusion..This section on primary and secondary school classroom questioning and pathological phenomena in the process summarized noted shortcomings of the research and direction for further research.
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