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The Education Narrative In Pre-service Teachers’ Clinical Practice For The Promotion Of Pre-service Teachers’ Professional Development

Posted on:2015-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the late1990s, education narrative as a form of use of qualitative research methods are favored in the field of education research in China. Influential research results, related books and reports on educational narrative research emerge from time to time.Pre-service teachers’professional development related to the sustained, high-quality development of education, With the popularization of network technology, educational narrative and online education combined with online education blog, teachers blog published on the network to share their educational experiences and teaching reflection with net friends, this makes educational narrative research was further spread and provides a broader platform for teacher’s professional development, this is consistent with the majority of the actual of pre-service teachers, This also gives them presents a new kind of teaching and research perspective, and become a way for pre-service teachers’professional development. In this paper, Risechina innovation practitioners as an example, expounding the education narrative in Pre-service teachers’clinical practice for the promotion of pre-service teachers’professional development.This thesis consists of five chapters, chapter1expounds the background of the pre-service teachers’professional development in the present stage, the purpose and value of the research work; In Chapter2, Pre-service teachers’clinical practice, education narrative, the basic theory of teacher professional development were reviewed; Chapter3describes the research design ideas of this paper, and through the Risechina innovation practice platform and the introduction of Risechina science education network to pay the way for introducing Risechina innovation practitioners; Chapter4combine multiple methods of inquiry expanded research papers, the main research methods have case studies, questionnaires and interviews, through the analysis of questionnaires and interviews feedback information, as well as profound interpretation of typical cases to interpret the education narrative in pre-service teachers’clinical practice to promote their professional growth, exploring the narrative on education to promote the professional growth of pre-service teachers On a practical level, for narrative education promoting pre-service teachers’professional growth presented favorable evidence in pre-service teachers’clinical practice; In Chapter5, drawing conclusions and recommendations from the study of this article.Results of this study showed that:education Narrative can promote their professional growth in pre-service teachers’clinical practice, in favor of changing the current pre-service teachers difficult employment, lack of professionalism, ideologically confused and anxious such as the status quo, strengthen their professionalism and career aspirations, improve their learning ability, reflection and action force, largely contributed to the pre-service teachers’professional growth, stimulate the enthusiasm of pre-service teachers teaching, for the pre-service teachers’ professional growth demonstrates the broad prospects for development. It can be said, profound knowledge reserves are essential nutrients of pre-service teachers’professional development, practice and internship opportunities is soil, peer collaboration is power, learn from the experiences of others is a useful supplement, educational narrative research is a kind of effective way of pre-service teachers’professional development.
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