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Research KD Software Integration Product Development Mode

Posted on:2014-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330422966967Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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The pattern of economic development have been changing by Internet, at thesame time, the development of the Internet to the software enterprise’s cause impacton product research and development, software enterprises in its own productresearch and development also needs to be fully combined changing with Internet inmodel of product technology、product research and development, and developmentmodel innovation will directly affect the enterprise what it can suitable to the requestof the era of internet rapid development. With the business development of KDcompany encounter bottlenecks and setbacks, the core of the product research anddevelopment ability of enterprises to change bad situation that it’s very importantobviously. Product homogeneity and malicious dumping to the KD company’straditional market research management what it bring forward new challenges. Howto oriented with market and customer, effective distribution of resources, improvethe efficiency of research and development, avoid the risk of development hasbecome priority to the KD company.This dissertation is investigated from KD’s research and development status ofthe project management, this paper try to find out the problem and rootstock.Through the development of the software product research and development atpresent, many research and development mode adopted by the (include MSF andRUP, XP, IPD and CMMI) of characteristic analysis, absorb lessons from foreignadvanced research and development project management pattern and the successfulexperience of the domestic software industry, combined with KD in software formany years of product development experience what have been accumulated in theapplication of the model, through the research and development mode change andinnovate, design a set of suitable for KD type research and development projectmanagement pattern, KD company is run in inherits the standard integration modeon the basis of product research and development, further strengthened the market and customer demand entrance and software development process management;At the same time, clearly bring forward the product value to transfer in theenterprise internal and external, as well as to the target market and customer modelframework is disseminated. Based on the integration development mode reform, beable to effectively avoid the enterprise research and development products that donot conform demand to the market and customer,at last result in product failure, theconsequences of marginalized and even business failures which caused closedownby market; Or the product value and customer delivery process have made forproblems in the market, cause the long cycle of imported products in the market anddelay opportunity, enabling the development of the enterprise appear delay, so as togradually withdraw from the software market.Thus, through innovation what of operating type of integration software productdevelopment mode, be able to significantly enhance enterprise’s comprehensivecontrol with market and customers, to achieve kilter pass between product valuewithin the enterprise and customers, for enterprises to occupy the market so thatprovide reliable guarantee of winning advantage. In the established target marketand customers, the enhancement enterprise providing quality management softwareproducts, management software products to satisfy market demand, and fasterresponse to market changes and customer demand. And expect to be able to manageof management software wholesale, as well as on product mode of research anddevelopment change and innovation what play a role in promoting and referencesignificance.
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