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Study On The Technological Innovative Capacity Of High-tech Enterprises

Posted on:2014-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P C ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330425973852Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Under the background of economic transformation, innovation especiallytechnological innovation of high-tech enterprises is one of the engines of transformation ofeconomic growth pattern and improving the efficiency of economic growth. Technologicalinnovation is not only the essential characteristic of high-tech enterprises, but also the keyto forming the core technology advantage and maintaining a strong competitive edge. It isof great significance to study the mechanism of formation and enhancing the technologicalinnovation capability for high-tech enterprises. First, the article talked about significance,background and methods of the research, frameworks of paper. Second, combing the basictheory of the case study, making a simple overview of the content and the features oftechnological innovation, the content of high-tech and the features of high-tech enterprises,the content and the features of technological innovation capability, analyzed therelationship between the development of high-tech enterprises and technologicalinnovation, high-tech enterprises technology innovation system theory model, the featuresof the process of high-tech technological innovation, the elements of technologicalinnovation capability, the process of enhancing high-tech enterprises technologicalcapability, factors for having an influences on the high-tech enterprises’ technologicalinnovation. Then selected Anhui IFLYTEK Information Technology as a case of high-techenterprises to make an explanatory and exploratory study on the mechanisms for enhancingthe high-tech enterprises technological capability. Finally, concluded the results to promotehigh-tech enterprises technological capability.This case study carried out mainly from the following steps to determine the object ofstudy, make a simple division on the development phase of the object, conduct the study onthe mechanism to enhancing the high-tech enterprises technological capability at thedifferent stages of development of enterprises. Compared to a sample survey conductedqualitative research modeling technological innovation capability, Case study analysis ofenterprises technology innovation capability is more conducive to enterprises longitudinalobservational study development process to enhance the mechanism of technologicalinnovation capability, able to understand the measures taken to improve enterprises’technological innovation capacity, able to know the influences which these measures haveon enhancing the ability of technological innovation. And concluded that IFLYTEK’technological innovation capability is made of comprehensive and integrated ability elements, technological innovation capability is a constituent element of technologicalinnovation continue to accumulate, coordinate, up to a platform, and then at a higher levelcontinue to accumulate, coordinate and rise. High-tech companies can learn IFLYTEK intechnological innovation to enhance the process of development experience, such as takingattention to entrepreneurship, strengthening strategic management, having the innovationof resources, making a reasonable choice of technology innovation model and theconstruction characteristics of corporate culture, which could be used to enhance the abilityof technological innovation.
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