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The Study On Technological Capability Of High-tech Enterprises Based On Technological Standards Indusrialization

Posted on:2010-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360275481702Subject:Business Administration
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Nowadays, we are entry into the time of knowledge-baesd economic. Science and technology become the first Productivity, Property rights of IPRs (intellectual property rights) is becoming more and more important than property rights. A country, a nation, who wants to have a real foothold in the world and win the respect of the international community, must take place in the high-tech fields. IPRs become more and more important, and the protection of IPRs from simply protected by patent protection to by technological standards competition. A significant technological standards blongs to a huge industry, which may be have a scale of billions of RMB, even trillions. Compare to the patent competition, the technological standards competition is more systematical, and it becomes the strategic issue of a company and even the country.Based on the progress of technological standards industrialization, we build a structure model of technological standards industrialization triple helix. And based on the model, we build a technological capability evaluation system for high-tech enterprises. By empiricaly analyzing the progress of TD-SCDMA technological standards industrialization, we verify the rationality of the model of the technological standards industrialization triple helix structure. R&D, technological standards and industrialization is made up of the three helical chains, which are intertwined and promote mutuallyand ascend spirally.The technological capability evaluation system which based on this model structure, is a new perspective of technological capability evaluating, especially for the enterprises of the ICT (Information Communication Telephone) indusry, there is more practical significances.In the technological capability evaluation system, which based on the structure model of technological standards industrialization triple helix, we comprehensively select 15 indicators of the R&D, technological standards and industrialization, by this way, we quantify the driving force of each triple helix sprial.We use the structural model to guide enterprises to take advantage of technological standards industrialization to enhance the technological capacity by this evaluation system. We empirically applicate the evaluation system to ZTE Corporation, which is tipical domestic enterprises in the ICT industry, shows that the evaluation system have manipuility and guiding significance. The technological capability evaluation system which based on this structure model can provide some guidance for the enterprise to promote its technological capability, and can be a tool for anlyszing the technological capability of enterpises which is similar to ZTE Corparation. China's enterprises should make up a clear technological standards strategy, and take advantage of the technological standards industrialization to promote the capability of independent innovation, and entry into the virtuous ascension circle of the triple helix spiral.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technological Standards Industrialization, High-tech enterprise, Technological capability, Technological Innovation, TD-SCDMA, ZTE Corporation
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