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Development And Research On Guanxi Pomelo Tea Product

Posted on:2016-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2271330485452282Subject:Food engineering
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This paper focus on developing a kind of pomelo tea with better appearance and flavor based on the analysis of the composition of the raw material Guanxi pomelo, and found the best prescription and the production progress. Besides, the corresponding storage period prediction model can be gained by studying the storage period of the pomelo tea.The composition of the pomelo were determined, and its water content was 87.36%, total sugar content was 9.67%, protein content was 0.83%, crude fiber content was 0.44%, crude fat content was 0.31%, the ash content was 0.42%, the vitamin C content was 30.21 mg/100g.The product’s L* value was tested as the color evaluation index, then citric acid and Vc were added to the pomelo juice and was heated. The reasonable factor level was determined through the single factor experiments, so did the orthogonal optimization of its results. The optimum parameters of sensory evalution for the appearance of the pomelo tea that was determined as citric acid 1.8%, Vc 2.3%, the heating temperature 100℃, the heating time 60 min.The content of naringin of the pomelo juice which was treated by acid and heating was tested by HPLC as the assessment index. Then the pomelo was treated by naringin enzyme to debitter. The reasonable factor level was determined through the single factor experiments. The optimum parameters of pomelo juice’s enzymatic debitterizing was finally determined is naringin enzyme quantity 0.6%o, debitterizing time 1.25h, homogeneous pressure 5 MPa, stirring speed 60 r/min.Took the content of naringin as the indicator after testing the pomelo peel which was blanched, the pomelo peel was blanched to debitter, and the reasonable factor level was determined through single factor experiments, then the response surface optimization of its results was did. The optimum parameters of pomelo peel’s debitterizing that was finally determined is the thickness 3 mm, debitterizing number 1 time, debitterrizing time 15 min.Based on the research from different effects of different baking conditions on pomelo peel taste, the debittered pomelo peel was baked with taking hardness taste as indicator. Then determined a reasonable level of factors through single factor experiments, conducted orthogonal optimization of results and confirmed the optimum parameters of baking pomelo peel as peel thickness 3 mm, baking temperature 105℃, baking time 4 h.Compounded different amount of raw material composition and carried out sensory evaluation of products, then took sensory evaluation results as the indicator to determine the rational addition of raw materials by conducting single factor experiments. The orthogonal optimization of results was conducted and the reasonable level of various material was determined as juice 25.0%, honey 40%, sugar 30.0%, citric acid 0.5%, Vc 0.6%, dry skin 3.0%, pectin 0.9%.Took color as the indicator of product to study the quality variation and storage period of Guanxi pomelo tea during storage, then established a prediction model for storage period.This paper also carried out the production line design of Guanxi pomelo tea products with drawing its process flow diagram.
Keywords/Search Tags:Guanxi pomelo tea, L~*, naringin, hardness, sensory evaluation, storage period
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