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Study On Distribution Networks Supportability Considering Electric Vehicles Charging Stations

Posted on:2015-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330452955324Subject:Power system and its automation
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The increasing energy crisis and environment pollutions make electrical vehicles(EVs),with large penetration become developmental tends of automobile industry generally. Inrecent, the researches about electrical vehicles have been the focus of governments andautomobile manufactures. EVs charging stations make sure the energy supply for electricalvehicles. Besides, EVs charging stations also have a profound impact on power system withits large penetration. The impact includes operation, dispatch and management of powersystem especially for distribution networks, which have interactions with EVs chargingstations directly. In view of this, the study on distribution networks supportabilityconsidering EVs charging stations is chosen to be the research topic.Some discussions and analysis has been made in the influential factors of load modelsof EVs charging stations.The classification of EVs charging stations, which includesbattery swap stations, residential charging stations and public charging stations, is proposedbased on charging modes, locations and trip characteristics. The charging load curves andthe probabilistic load models of different kinds of EVs charging stations are obtained usingMonte Carlo simulation and probability and statistics. Moreover, the load shiftingoptimization model with charging scenarios of EVs charging stations is proposed and issolved by particle swarm. Compared with two typical charging scenarios of EVs chargingstations, the optimization charging scenarios are best. The probabilistic load models alsoprove effective and practical.Some study and analysis is made in traditional appraisal index of distribution networkssupportability as well as some characteristics about EVs charging stations. In order toevaluate the impact of distribution networks integrated with EVs charging stations, theindex appraisal system of distribution networks supportability is proposed in technologicalrationality, secure reliability and economics. Then fuzzy theory, entropy weight method andanalytic hierarchy process are used to comprehensively evaluation the index appraisalsystem. Two typical scenarios integrating charging stations are proposed considering hybridcharging stations. Furthermore, the index appraisal system proves the effectiveness by appraising IEEE33and PG&E69with the typical scenarios.On the basis, an optimization reconfiguration approach for improving supportabilityof the distribution networks is proposed. The optimization reconfiguration is solved by antcolony algorithm with the evaluation of supportability of the distribution networks as theobjection function. Accordingly, the optimization reconfiguration approach proves theeffectiveness by the optimization reconfigurations of IEEE33and PG&E69with the typicalscenarios.
Keywords/Search Tags:electric vehicles (EVs) charging stations, distribution networks, supportability, probabilistic load models, evaluation and optimization
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