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Research On The Influencing Factors Of Technological Innovation Capability Of Strategic Emerging Industries

Posted on:2016-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2279330473961333Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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As the chase of emerging industries in the globe, as well as emerging industry gradually reflects its own value in the market, the international competition has become more and more fierce. Our country has made cleat that will put effort on developing the seven strategic emerging industries as a key plan, Including a new generation of information technology, biological, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new material, energy conservation and environmental protection and new energy automotive industry. Strategic emerging industries, with its guidance, high technical, strategic, financial and capital intensive, innovative and advanced technology, high risk, become the focus of the high technology industry in our country and the implement strategic transformation goal, as well as the way of industrial upgrading. Strategic emerging industry’s development impetus to the development of national economy, also helps to obtain a leading position in the international competition advantage, play a potential role in market of the emerging industries. We must speed up technical innovation as the guide; occupy emerging powers in the new industry of small and mid-sized enterprise for core competitiveness. Enterprises work as a cell of the body; their technological innovation consciousness has enhanced unceasingly, and gradually showed its great role in technology innovation. Technology innovation ability, represent as the core embodiment of enterprise competitive advantage, will lead to technological change in response to the transcendence of competitors and the market demand change, which might bring some risk that brings disadvantage factors. As GDP ranked top in the world economy, the enterprise technology innovation ability and does not match that ranking, however, obviously lags behind many developed countries, not to say there is a big gap. Small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology is the major force of technological innovation, is also a major part in the emerging industry with high growth and innovation. Its ability of the technological innovation promotes the growth and development of industry, improve the innovation ability of strategic emerging industries, promote the development of regional economy and help regional industrial structure upgrade and transformation of the mode of economic transformation. Accelerate the transition of economic development, reflects the economic development in the new industry core competitiveness, to grasp the initiative in the development of international emerging markets.In this paper, we reviewed the theories of technological innovation, and related theory in this paper, with the development of strategic emerging industry and in our country, the situation of the development of the summary of the research status quo, based on the strategic emerging industries in the gem listed companies- have the dual characteristics of emerging enterprises and innovative-as the research object. According to current situation of the development of strategic emerging industry in China and the gem of science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation ability, put forward five hypotheses about the technical innovation ability. The effect factors of the technical innovation ability is divided into two types:internal and external 11 indexes, through the extraction and analysis of the annual report data of listed companies, which affecting our country small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation ability of science and technology in the new industry of the important influence on index system of ascension.Firstly, this article concludes strategic emerging industries’connotation essence, features, motivations and strategies of development in detail. Strategic emerging industry technology innovation is influenced by many factors, therefore, in this paper, the strategic emerging industries are discussed the meaning and characteristics of technological innovation, then based on the research of the domestic and foreign literature, and also, the theory of strategic emerging industry development with its technological innovation theory and characteristics of were summarized. Next to the gem of new technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise’s present situation and output capacity, we analysis technological innovation status, as the basis of follow-up studies. And based on the summary, the influential factors of technology innovation is put forward in this paper, the research proposes 5 hypotheses, eleven indicators on the deep analysis of the research object. By using statistic description, exploratory factor, and hierarchical clustering analysis method, the hypothesis were proved and eventually got a suitable index system for emerging industries for promoting the enterprise technology innovation. Combined the gem’s small and mid-sized enterprise data, use the method of factor analysis and cluster analysis to verify the hypothesis again, so as to provide some instructive ideas and basis for a strategic emerging industry enterprises technological innovation.
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