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"China’s New Normal" Research Of The Economic Cycle

Posted on:2017-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2279330488963935Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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On December 10th,2014,2014, the central economic work conference held in Beijing is proposed under the "China’s new normal" of macro economy and deepening reform. China’s economy is in transition period, we not only need to know the new status under the new normal, new features, new, more profound understanding of "China’s new normal" will bring the positive impact to our country economy.In this paper, based on marxist economic cycle theory, explore the regularity of the country’s economic cycle fluctuation characteristics and the economic fluctuation problem at the present stage in China, objective and accurate grasp the "China’s new normal" in the Chinese economy, the correct understanding of "China’s new normal" under the present economic phenomenon, and how to better face the "China’s new normal", and actively respond to the "China’s new normal" to explore.This article is divided into five parts, the first part, introduced the paper selected topic background, purpose, significance; It compared and analyzed, the second part of the Chinese and foreign economic cycle theory in economics, and emphatically studies the marxism economic cycle theory, the basic idea of this part is the analysis under the "China’s new normal" of China’s economic fluctuation characteristics provides a theoretical basis. Under the third part, from the "China’s new normal" characteristics and changes of China’s economy, analyses the cause of the economic downturn. At the same time, based on Marx’s theory of economic cycle in the Chinese economy "China’s new normal" the inevitability of the economics to explain; The fourth part, from the economic growth, economic growth, economic development prospects, market dynamic release several aspects discusses the "China’s new normal" under the opportunities and challenges facing China’s economic development; The last part, explore the "China’s new normal" of the Chinese economy benign development countermeasure and the suggestion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Business cycle, China’s New Normal, Classical Marxism
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