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A Study On Urban Development Environment Of Culture And Creative Industries

Posted on:2015-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J P WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2285330431983190Subject:Regional Economics
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In recent years, research of cultural and creative industries and its influencingfactors becomes a regional and urban economics, industrial economics research hotspot.Accordance with the industrial economics research framework, some scholars exploredthe cultural and creative industries’ path of industrialization, industrial structure,industrial organization and industrial policy, as well as its relationship with economicgrowth. Some scholars studied industrial agglomeration, which can be roughly dividedinto regional scales location choice and agglomeration motivation research, urban scalespatial agglomeration and its formation mechanism, sub-sector gathering case studies.In addition, factors affecting the development of urban cultural and creative industries,the single development environment, industrial environment research, and research onthe creative class and creative city, together form the theoretical support of this study.In this paper, on the basis of combing the relevant cultural and creative industriesat home and abroad, the cultural and creative industries development environment isdefined as an environment where the cultural and creative industries survive andfurther develop. And it can be divided into three parts: the basic environment, thebusiness environment and the institutional environment. Further to divide the basicenvironment into location qualities, infrastructure, cultural resources, technologicalinnovation, creative talent, investment and financing environment, divide the businessenvironment into foundation of industry, industrial agglomeration, market environment,the institutional environment into tolerance, policy environment, legal environment, andanalyze the mechanism of these12single factors separately. Subsequent to the analysisof the mechanism of multi-factor, considering the function or role of cultural andcreative industries environmental systems is not a simple sum of single factors, but theyare interrelated, interaction between integrated, and proposed a multi-factor combinedsystem for the development environment of cultural and creative industries, whichcompose of three-level six modules.Then based on the system and comparison of single element type, we set up11index layer, and finally selected35indicators to built an evaluation index system ofurban cultural and creative industries environment. Considering the deep-seatedinstitutional environment of the city is difficult to quantify, only some specific indicators selected in this paper. But in fact, as a deep-seated institutional environment,to some extent, they have been reflected in the urban software and operatingenvironment. Then we use multivariate statistical evaluation methods of factor analysis,to build a city environment for the development of cultural and creative industries factoranalysis evaluation model.Finally, we use factor analysis evaluation model built on China’s35large andmedium-sized cities in the cultural and creative industry development environment forempirical research. The results showed that industrial agglomeration status andgovernment support are the most important factors. Of35major cities in thedevelopment of cultural and creative industries are quite different environmentalconditions, in accordance with the comprehensive evaluation of the scores, they can beclearly divided into three levels. From the feature point of view, cities from thesoutheast to the northwest were worse trend, which basically the same with China’seconomic development of the eastern, central and western regional distribution.For the above, cities should start from actively improving the urban developmentenvironment for the cultural and creative industries, choose the development path suitedto their own characteristics. Specifically, the eastern cities should continue to improvetheir formed good development environment for the cultural and creative industries,optimize industrial structure, improve industrial quality, focus on the development ofnew cultural and creative industries, which have good growth, industrial infiltration andhigher value-added. The central region cities should not only dig the rich culturalresource values, to actively explore the combining of cultural resources and "creative"elements, traditional culture and high-tech docking, but also pay attention to thecultivation of creative talents training and introduction, stimulating residents’ culturalconsumption. The western cities should focus on economic development first, in orderto fundamentally creating a soil conducive to the development of cultural and creativeindustries. Meanwhile, they should give priority to the development of lower levelscultural and creative industries formats, in the future gradually to a higher level.
Keywords/Search Tags:cultural and creative industries, development environment, evaluationmodel, large and medium-sized cities
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