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On All-round Development Of Human From Multi-dimensional Perspective And Its Approaches

Posted on:2010-07-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1115360275987077Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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The process of the human society is the history of the individual development all the time which realizes the people's conscientious free life activity ultimately by developing from spontaneity to consciousness, from objects to subjects and from single-faceted development to all-round development. So the human civilization history is a process of overall development of human being and the subject, consciousness and freeness are established gradually.The overall development of human being is concrete. Human beings get liberty by not ideal but the real productivity which means that the overall development of human beings can make an explanation in the real matter field only.In the process of social development, the development of human beings is a process from the part to an entirety, from single-faceted to all-round which is implied in the relation of human beings and the nature in which the ways and approaches that human beings apply natural resources are broader, exchanging fields more, the people's labor ability stronger, people's life activity process more free and the development of human beings thereby more overall and market economy is bringing the peerless, all-important effects into play in this respect. On certain significance, market economy establishes up people's subject position, generates the people's free labor activity, helps to bring about the consciousness of people's physical labor activity.It is the necessity link to optimize social relations to form the strongest state that human beings face nature which requires that human beings adjust the social relations timely to take the optimum society cooperation form under the premise of improving the way working together, expanding the scale of working together, strengthening the cooperation effectiveness to get more and more subject liberty in the field of the relations developing with the nature. As far as theories are concerned, only when the state that human beings handle the relation with themselves embodies the treatment of the natural world and society, the overall development of human beings is a pure ideal no longer.At the present time, the society does not still have the condition realizing the overall development of human beings on complete significance. But every social development stage is that the overall development status of human beings comes true in reality as far as the overall development of human beings is a process. Under market economy, the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics has opened up the new stage of the overall development of human beings by uniting the practice of social building and the overall development of human beings conscientiously.The fact that China chooses the market economy indicates: market mechanism is comparatively effective society motive mechanism at present. Market mechanism makes people's physical labor conscientious and free day by day by the fact that the subject consciousness is roused so that people establish subject position. Any object all has dual character. Market economy is producing the negative effect also surely to persons, so people's subject coexists with object, freeness coexists with certainty, and consciousness and blindness are followed each other. The development of Chinese Socialist market economy will rectify and exceed the negative effects of a general market economy to people actively to drive the course of the overall development of human beings. It has provided turning point to structure harmonious society for the all-round development of human beings now, at the same time, Socialism should make an act out in the fields of politics economy, culture and education to create conditions for the all-round development of human beings.
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