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Pingyang Wood Engraving’s Artistic Features And Humanities Research Value

Posted on:2015-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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New Year is a traditional Chinese folk art unique art form. Paintings from folk culture, folk culture is the foundation of wood engraving New Year pictures, and paintings and attached folk culture, folk culture is the fruit of the continuous development of paintings in this huge system, enrich, becoming the most typical representative of folk culture form.Binh Duong is now ancient Linfen, is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, which gradually formed a unique geographical features and human culture in the long river of history. Pingyang wood engraving New Year pictures in the fields of birth, growth in the country, the vicissitudes, with its unique artistic charm infected with sons and daughters, the Yellow River culture is important artistic symbols, the soul of Shanxi folk art lies. Pingyang wood engraving carving in Paintings, printing, graphic arts in one, wide range of topics, exaggerated changeable, full balanced composition, color is gorgeous, and its unique dark green thick Zhuopu edition flavor, constitute a unique aesthetic. In the long history of years, Pingyang wood engraving New Year pictures through a scratch, from simple to complicated development process, and gradually formed a complete art form, it is attached to life, habits and emotions of the local people, with local people faith, religion, holidays together, along with the farming culture and grow together. Plays a pivotal role in the cultural life of the local people. Pingyang wood engraving New Year is not only flaunt the local people’s spiritual lives, but also conveys the emotion in people’s lives, true, deep and clear depiction of the agrarian age people simple folk customs and rich local culture.Pingyang wood engraving New Year is one of the most distinctive folk woodcut New Year pictures, is a living fossil of people’s lives, whether it is from art school, or folklore point of view, it allows people to have a thorough study of the fundamental value...
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