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Research On Virtual Home Furnishing Exhibition Design Based On User Experience

Posted on:2015-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2285330452957961Subject:Art of Design
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As the virtual reality technology developed maturely, the technology has been applied invarious fields widely. In the home furnishing exhibition aspect, virtual exhibition hasgradually become the new exhibition means and design trends. In recent years, the wholeworld pays more attention to virtual reality technology and there are many researchachievements. However the information about the research of the furnishing design is relativelyless.So it is crucial that we should change the point of view to the home furnishingexperience research in virtual exhibition design.UE is the new scientific methods and design trends during the design research process inrecent years. Author starts the research from combining the analysis of home display with thevirtual reality technology, does the exploration about the artistic expression in virtualdisplay and the guidance of a virtual exhibition platform has been established and planed.Secondly, the author introduces UE into the home furnishing design in virtual exhibitionthrough comparing Nuttin’s theory of hierarchy needs and Maslow’s, and thenanalyses the user’s sensory experience, emotional experience and interactive experience for thehome furnishing design in virtual exhibition; Thirdly, the author makes the use of software todesign a specific practices which is called “A home furnishing experience center” and realizethe user experience in the center of virtual display; Finally, the author does the survey throughthe questionnaire and interview to statistic the results of feedback and evaluate the userexperience satisfaction, so as to verify the feasibility and rationality of applying the concept ofuser experience into home furnishing virtual exhibition.The virtual display platform changes the two dimensional static form of conventional homefurnishing design and improve the effectiveness and interactivity of the communication betweenusers and products. It is the mainstream direction of the domestic display in the future.Meanwhile, as the progress of PC technique and art design, the various three dimensional homefurnishing exhibition forms will emerge. The author expects the “A home furnishing experiencecenter” can be used to the reference of virtual domestic product exhibition design and play avaluable role in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:User experience, Virtual exhibition, Interaction design, Unity3D
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