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Research On The Interaction Of Virtual Exhibition Design

Posted on:2009-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360245955503Subject:Art of Design
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The aim of virtual exhibition is not in itself,but to create an artistic and unique exhibition sphere with kinds of informational ways as methods.As similar as the traditional exhibition design,show the content to the audience designedly, purposefully and logically in order to reach some effects.The particularity of virtual exhibition determines the necessity and significance of interactivity research.In the initial part of thesis,it discussed the theory source of interaction design. Then,it gave some extra words on human computer interaction design on the basis of current theory system.In the third part,it is the conformity and deepen of the prior two sections.Then, it focused on the interaction of the virtual exhibition.In the end,it dissertate the background,the target,the principle and content of virtual exhibition design.The interaction design is needed both from the user and on itself.Whether the virtual exhibition design is good or bad,it depends on the interaction a lot.It must be more reasonable,and more natural;and it should be conformed with the user's mind when they are in;at last,it also wants to manifest the matter of exhibition well and truly.In the last part,the paper made a conclusion of the prior research job.And upon all the theory preparation,it took the car as the example of virtual exhibition design. Several interaction designs had been made from the user and product,for instance, the view angle,the color,the material,the property,the driving and the feedback,etc.Interaction is some kinds of communication,and it is the expression and feedback of information.Human computer interaction design is a rising intersectional subject.Some other knowledge is absorbed in it,such as graphic design,industrial design and information design as well as the fundamental notion itself.The final purpose is to build a favorable system of communication between human and computer that is the human computer interaction system.Not only can help complete certain assignments,but also make good feeling,like natural,comfortable and joyful. In the second part,it introduced several existing main technologies in virtual exhibition and offered a contrast,such as the VR technology based on picture and VR technology grounded on graphics.And then,it discourses the superiority and inferiority of these technologies on the aspect of virtual exhibition.The more important thing is to compare the capabilities on dealing with the interactive attribute, and in the end,to choose one of them which are the best to finish the virtual exhibition project.However,there are some defects in the technology that depends on the graphics. Such as the existence of virtual exhibition booted on graphics limited by the web speed.That is to say,we need to simplify the geometrical model;the super real feeling of immersion is restricted by the present equipments;the time of produce is a bit of longer than request;and the industry standards are not unified.But the super real immersion and interaction cannot be reached by other technology,especially the technique of picture basis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Reality, Virtual Exhibition, Human Computer Interaction, Interaction
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