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The Research Of The Problem Of Administrative Enforcement Difficult At Heyuan Quality And Technicalsupervision Departments

Posted on:2015-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330422482897Subject:Public administration
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Quality is the relationship with the daily life of the people, the survival and developmentof each enterprise, and the relationship with the social stability and national image.Administrative law enforcement of quality supervision department as an important means toguarantee the quality and safety, in recent years has made great achievements, but still existmany problems, the quality of the major safety accidents have occurred, lead to the credibilityof quality to a certain extent by the public. Especially in less developed areas specific lawenforcement in the practice of quality supervision department, the administrative lawenforcement activities often encounter some confusion, appears that restrain the phenomenonof split the executive, to exercise their legitimate power regulator can’t be normal regulation.This article attempts from the rectification of administrative law enforcement inspection ofquality problems, such as in combination with the authors years of experience in lawenforcement, taking Heyuan area as an example, the administrative law enforcementpersonnel quality supervision department in less developed areas, the questionnaire survey toinvestigate the current qualitative inspect branch in less developed areas in the problems inthe practice of law enforcement and difficulties, and analyses the reason of these problems,and developed with the pearl river delta region foreign regions such as the comparativeanalysis of the quality supervision of administrative law enforcement department, explore tosolve and improve the quality and technical supervision departments in less developed areasof administrative law enforcement difficult question countermeasure and the suggestion, thusfor our country administrative law enforcement work of quality supervision department in lessdeveloped areas to provide some reference.Based on the underdeveloped regions in Heyuan city, quality control system as anexample, and foreign regions such as the administrative law enforcement and the pearl riverdelta developed areas, and then from the Angle of public management, Heyuan city,department of quality control, the difficulty of administrative law enforcement to conduct acomprehensive dialysis, and accordingly puts forward how to solve the Heyuan city,countermeasures of quality and technical supervision departments of administrative lawenforcement difficult. The thesis consists of five chapters: The first chapter is introduction, mainly introduces the research background, researchstatus at home and abroad and research method, etc.The second chapter, use the survey data to analysis Heyuan city’s current situation ofadministrative law enforcement quality supervision department and environmental analysis.The third chapter, from two aspects of inside and outside factors, the essay discusses variousHeyuan city, qualitative inspect branch of administrative law enforcement difficult problems andcause analysis.The fourth chapter, based on the experience of the developed areas at home and abroadto improve the level of administrative law enforcement, particularly through the movementtype enforcement-Guangdong three dozen two built in2012to work as the main inspiration,to Heyuan city, brought to bear on administrative law enforcement of quality supervisiondepartment.The fifth chapter, the paper puts forward countermeasure Suggestions to solve thedifficult Heyuan city, qualitative inspect branch law enforcement, think it’s difficult toimprove Heyuan qualitative inspect branch law enforcement problems from inside andoutside two aspects, the external mainly is to strengthen the communication with superiordepartments, quality supervision department straighten out administrative enforcement systemof quality supervision department, intensify propaganda laws and regulations of qualitycontrol to the counterpart enterprises, strengthen to the enterprise service and protecting thelegal rights and interests of the enterprise; Internal mainly from strengthen the quality controldepartment and local judicial department cohesion strength, improving personnel quality tostrengthen law enforcement to improve law enforcement equipment to increase spending, etc.Finally summarized and refined research conclusion of this paper, mainly including themain conclusions of study and research.
Keywords/Search Tags:heyuan areas, Quality and technical supervision department, Administrative lawenforcement, Problem, countermeasures
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