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Suitability Assessment System Preliminary Study For Site Of Immigrant Relocation Area In Southern Of Shaanxi

Posted on:2015-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H B LianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422485472Subject:Geological Engineering
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The immigrants relocation project in southern of Shan,xi is an complex systemsengineering, confronts many problems, in which site problems is most extrude. Impropersite will cause larger social effects, and directly determine whether the whole immigrantssite work is successful. At present, the research about immigrants site mainly concentrate onresettlement in Three Gorges reservoir area and relocation immigrants after Wenchuanearthquake, while research aiming at The immigrants relocation in southern of Shan,xi isless. Therefore, the research about suitability assessment of resettlement community is verysignificant.In process of selecting evaluation index, this paper follows certain site principles andattaches importance to selection process, tries to entirely and systematically analyze maininfluential factors, which can reflect the basic demand for immigrants. On the basis ofsummarizing previous research results, combining with requirement of overall planning, theindex influence coefficient is firstly chosen. Through spot investigation in southern ofShan,xi, the firstly chosen index influential factors is filtrated. After consulting experts, itamends chosen index influential factors, and ensures its rationality. In final, assessmentindex system on resettlement site in southern of Shan,xi is established. At last, on the basisof referring to domestic and foreign research and relevant norms, combining with localpractical features and related experts, advice, this article presents more reasonableassessment standard on relocation site in southern of Shaanxi.It is critical to establish a rational mathematical model for assessing suitability ofsettlements. Based on the analysis of relevant evaluation methods in domestic and foreign,synthetically considering the advantages and disadvantages of various methods, this paperadopts expert questionnaire to qualitatively describe degrees of importance for theassessment index. Combining AHP method with advantage of quantitative analysis, theweight of each assessments index is determined. Because of suitability of settlements is afuzzy problem with multi-factor, with the help of fuzzy comprehensive assessments methodis preponderant in dealing with the fuzzy problems, the assessment model for resettlement suitability based on fuzzy comprehensive assessments method. Taking the method topractical example, the analysis shows that the results is reasonable, consistent with theactual condition. This method is feasible, and can provide reference for similar projects.
Keywords/Search Tags:Immigration Southern of Shaanxi, site selection, Suitability evaluation, Indicator system, AHP FUZZY
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